The day for the boarders began with ‘Rising to music’ on the feast of St. Dominic Savio, 6th July 2012. Each one found a time-table for the day on his bed and half sleepy eyes strained to check what awaited them for the entire day. Bro. Michael had a number of surprises for the lads and the suspense was on right from the beginning.

After wash the boarders went to the boarding AV hall for their morning prayers and a very short but sweet reflection was prepared by Br. Michael on the life of Dominic Savio. The animated version of the Vision of Dominic Savio to Don Bosco portraying a variety of flowers each depicting a virtue.

After breakfast the boarders got ready to go to school for mass as they were to do the singing for the mass and play their instruments and accompany the singing. They did very well and sang in unison and harmony.

The catholic students had mass and the students of the other faiths had a prayer service in the school AV hall.

After mass the boarders had a variety of animated games such as box cricket, bucket-basketball, etc. What made the games more interesting were the intermittent rains that had the lads soaking in the rain and having fun. That took them to lunch with a delicious spread for one and all.

After lunch they had some moments to relax in the recreation hall and play some indoor games and at 01.00 pm they went once again the refectory to have a game of Housie. Did they have fun? You bet!
Rosary was said at 3.30pm and then tea with another set of animated games on the grounds followed by bath and preparation for the Boarding House System Inauguration at 7.15 pm.

Master Sachin Shedge the Captain, Master Leon Fernandes the Vice Captain, and the four Captains of the houses, Jarryd Joseph, Muttu Jayaraman, Sonu Shahuji and Michael Singh marched forward to take the oath as Leaders of the boarding. It was a very solemn ceremony and Fr. Crispino installed them as Leaders and gave them short pep talk about leadership and what was expected of them as leaders and the other team members.

All good things come to an end and after dinner there was a movie, entitled ‘Hugo’ of a young orphaned lad who lived on the railway station. The boys liked the movie and enjoyed the same. Being tired and exhausted from playing practically the whole day it was no surprise that they crashed into bed and were sound asleep in no time.

The words before going to bed by Bro. Michael, ‘You O Lord have mercy on us' seemed just a whisper as many were fast asleep.

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