On Saturday the 10th July 2010, the Secondary PTA elected members had their first meeting of the year in the school AV Hall at 8.15 am. Fr. Crispino the Principal welcomed the members and then called upon Fr. Godfrey D'Souza the Rector to begin the meeting with a prayer and then say a few words. Fr. Godfrey congratulated those elected to this office and thanked them for their service to the institution.
The representatives of the PTA Secondary Section (ladies)
Representatives of the PTA representatives (gents)

Fr. Godfrey informed the PTA that much had already been done in the school and this was possible because there was a unity among the PTA members and all worked together to give the best to the children who were coming to St. Dominic Savio's. He also mentioned to them that Don Bosco always wanted his houses and institutions to have a family atmosphere.

Fr. Crispino then told the PTA members about the offices that needed to be held and which offices would be taken by staff members. He gave some direction in the election of the main posts of President, Joint Secretary and Treasurer.
Fr. Crispino D'Souza instructing on the mode of elections

We proceeded to the elections and one name was called out. Dr. Ayesha Sequeira after a while agreed to stand for President. In the meantime Mr. Joseph Dias also said that he was ready to stand for elections. Fr. Crispino then asked the two candidates to say something about themselves before the election began.

The staff and the parents went about with a show of hands. First in order was Dr. Ayesha Sequeira with 19 votes. Mr. Joseph Dias got 15 votes and so Dr. Ayesha was elected as the president and she agreed.
During the counting of votes for the President
Counting of votes for Joint Secretary

For the post of the Secretary, Mr. Vincent Gonsalves said that he would like to stand for the post and so it was between Mr. Joseph Dias and Mr.. Vincent Gonsalves. Mr. Joseph Dias got the majority and was made the joint Secretary.

For the Treasurer, the members were asked if anyone wanted to be the Treasurer and Mr. Anand M. Fatehpuria agreed. Since there was no one else who volunteered for the post it was given to him unopposed.

Before all dispersed a photograph was taken of the newly elected office bearers.
(L to R) Fr. Rector; Mr. Joseph Dias, Secretary; Dr. Ayesha Sequeira, President;
Mr. Anand Fatehpuria, Treasurer; Fr. Crispino D'Souza & Fr. Edwin Colaco


Master Thomas Morris giving the introduction

On the 6th July 2010 the feast of St. Dominic Savio, at 07.00 pm the boarders assembled together in the chapel for the inauguration of the Boarding House System and the installation of its leaders. They sang a song invoking the almighty to shower his blessings on all present and especially on those who were chosen as leaders of the boarding.
The Leaders walking down the aisle

After the introduction the Leaders walked down the center aisle to the altar for the installation and the oath taking ceremony.
Fr. Rector lighting the lamp for the occasion

Fr. Godfrey D'Souza the Rector was invited to light the lamp for the opening ceremony and the leaders made their promise and took the oath.
The Leaders taking the oath

Putting on the sash a sign of authority

After the swearing in ceremony Fr. Rector said a few words of appreciation to the leaders and asked them to take responsibility and leadership in guiding the boarders with right values.


This morning we, at St. Dominic Savio High School celebrated the feast of our patron with a solemn Eucharistic celebration for the catholic students and a prayer service for the children of other faiths. Fr. Julius Rasquinha who was once a boarding master at the Boys Home was invited to be the main celebrant.

Fr. Julius touched on the qualities of St. Dominic Savio and also placed before the group the teenage saint of the day, St. Maria Goretti who was just eleven years when she was stabbed fourteen times by Alexandro a friendly neighbour who tried to seduce her. Before dying she said that she forgave Alexandro for what he had done and prayed that God also forgives him.

Fr. Julius placed before the youngsters a fairy tale of a tea cup and how the tea cup told its story of being molded and shaped much against its wishes and desires but realized in the end that it was for its own good and beauty and was appreciative for having yielded to the gentle touch of the potter.

Fr. Julius giving the homily

The offertory procession

The youngsters came up with flowers, a rosary, keys and bread and wine for the Eucharist. A short little prayer was read out for each gift that was presented to the main celebrant.
A solemn moment at the elevation
Distribution of the Holy Eucharist

Before the end of the Eucharist Fr. Godfrey once again thanked Fr. Julius for having accepted the invitation to be the main celebrant for the festive occasion. He also thanked the staff members who helped in decorating the altar and the backdrop for the feast and wished the staff and the students a very happy feast day on behalf of all the Salesians.

Later the staff both teaching and non-teaching staff went to the Salesian refectory for lunch. It was a homely gathering and Fr. Crispino began with a game of housie. After that lunch was served.


The boarders of the Boys Home celebrated Savio Nite on the 5th July 2010. Br. Brenden had a number of Savio games, puzzles, quizzes, group songs and ads for the occasion. The boarders were indeed delighted to participate in the Nite and it was something very new for the new comers who at first seemed lost with what had to be done. They soon took an active part in the nite that went on till after 11.00 pm.

Master Nigel Rodrigues welcomed the gathering and introduced the occasion.
Master Nigel Rodrigues introducing the Savio Nite

Fr. Rector was then invited to declare the Nite open and Fr. Rector invited Fr. Julius Rasquinha to light the lamp, say a few words and declare the Nite open. Fr. Julius told the gathering that he was happy to be present as he was once a boarding master in this very place and that it brought back many good and wonderful memories of the place and the people. he wished them well and prayed that the life of Dominic Savio would touch them and that they would imitate him.
Fr. Julius Rasquinha declaring the Nite open
Lighting of the lamp

The festivities were filled with some snacks and drinks for the youngsters so that they took in the spirit in true Salesian style.
The various groups participating


We were indeed glad to have our Cooperators and youngsters from our school and parishes in Kuwait visit Dominic Savio Boys' Home on the 5th July 2010. Fr. M.M. Joy accompanied the group from Kuwait and Fr. Derrick Misquitta was the tour guide around Mumbai and the Salesian houses. They came around 7.00pm and were taken around to meet the boarders of the tenth standard and the others. They interacted with each other and got along very well.

The group participated in the novena mass to St. Dominic Savio and did enjoy the singing of our boys. Many of them did express their voices and said that the boys sang well and with gusto. Bravo my dear young boarders.

After the well animated mass we went to the refectory and the boarders sang a welcome song and then read an address appreciating their visit and the time they were spending with us. There was a good dinner ready for them and each and every one had a good time. They left some chocolates for the boys and a good donation for the institution.

Master Wilbur Lasrado reading out the address to the guests

Thanks for coming and visiting us. Welcome again !


Today the 6th July we celebrate the feast of St. Dominic Savio, a student from the school of Don Bosco. When Dominic Savio entered the Oratory of Don Bosco he told Don Bosco that he was the cloth and Don Bosco the tailor, and asked Don Bosco to make of him a wonderful garment to the Lord.
Dominic was born on 2nd April 1842 at San Giovanni di Riva, near Chieri (Turin). 

Here is a boy-saint who died at the age of fourteen, was one of the great hopes of St. John Bosco for the future of his congregation, and was canonized in 1954.

He was one of ten children of Carlo and Birgitta Savio. Carlo was a blacksmith and Birgitta was a seamstress. When Don Bosco was looking for young men to train as priests for his Salesian Order, his parish priest suggested Dominic Savio. Dominic became more than a credit to Don Bosco's school—he single-handedly organized those who were to be the nucleus of Don Bosco's order.

At the age of 7 he was granted permission to receive his first Holy Communion and for his resolutions he took the following:
1. I will go for confession as often as possible and will receive communion as often as my confessor allows.
2. I will celebrate the feast days well.
3. My best friends will be Jesus and Mary.
4. Death rather than sin.

Dominic died in Mondonio on 9th March 1857, just under a month before his fifteenth birthday. His remains are in the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians. He was canonized on 12th June 1954.

Pope Pius XI described him as “small in size, but a towering giant in spirit.”

He is the patron saint of boy choristers and of the young.