Fr. Edwin saying a few word at the beginning of the celebrations

Some of the youngsters gathered together

On Thursday evening at 7.00 pm the Evening Study Classes had their Christmas Party organized by Fr. Edwin Colaco and the boarders with the assistance of Bro. Roshan. There were lots of fun games and party games which the children and youngsters thoroughly enjoyed. They had bombing the city, Electric Wire, Form groups in numbers etc. Fr. Edwin Colaco said a few words to wish all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and told the children that Jesus came to teach us to be good to others and reach out to help one and other. Once again the boarding choir that had been trained by Sir Haydn Dias sang for the children and the band that was conducted by Mr. Furtado played a coupe of Christmas Carols to put everyone in the mood for Christmas. The boarders were also present helping in the games and programme. The Surprise item was Santa who came in at the end of the program and threw a couple of sweets and also left a message of Love and Peace. The children then went to their classroom where each one was given a Christmas packet to take home. The hall was well decorated with Christmas banners.

Bombing the city a fun game

Bombing another city!!!!

Wonderful smiling faces

The Electric wire game

Some of the boarders who helped in the organizing

Sir Haydn who conducted and trained the boarding choir in voices

Let the children come unto me

The younger of the lot

The choir performing their Carols

The Choir singing a Carol

Fr. Edwin with Santa giving the Christmas message


On Thursday 16th December at 5.30 pm the Cooperators had a Christmas Party for the deserving students of the school. There were about 20 youngsters who had come. The evening was filled with fun and frolic with party games and Carol singing. The day scholars had a great time. The boarding choir sang the Carols in voices and the Cooperators sang two Carols to wish the lads a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. Some eats were distributed and before they left each received a Christmas Gift from the Cooperators. It was surely an evening to remember. Thank you Cooperators for your generosity and care during this Season of Giving!

Some of the youngsters who came for the party

Bro. Roshan organizing some games for them

Keeping the balloon in the air

Under the electric wire !!!

Dancing on a piece on paper

Sir Haydn and his choir of boarders singing Carols

Fr. Crispino giving away some prizes to the winners

It was a great evening

A few more winners.


On Wednesday 15th December the Green House of the Secondary Section had its Assembly and the theme for the day was 'Don't be Mean Go Green.' They placed before the students means and ways of how we need to Go Green and reduce pollution. Later we had given away some certificates that our boys who participated in the AVEC competitions won. Fr. Rector in his speech told the students that we need to be men of action rather than just words, words and more words. We need to get down to doing rather than just talk.