Last Evening the 5th September 2012, the Boarders of St. Dominic Savio Boys Home had a special celebration for all those Teachers and Past Pupil Volunteers who come and share with them their time and talent in teaching the boarders.

It was a beautifully prepared program by the boys that included some songs by the DS Boys in Harmony, the DS Rockers the home Beat Group, some dances by the various groups and an address read out by Leon D'Souza in Appreciation and Gratitude for all that these Teachers do for them.

The lads also conducted two games for the teachers which was fun.

Thank you Teachers for your love and sacrifice for the boarders and for sharing your most valuable asset with them, your time and your love.

God bless!


Today Wednesday, the 5th September 2012 we celebrated Teachers Day in school. The Secondary Section had their celebrations and the students did a marvellous job in putting together a program for the staff.

In the first hours of the day the respective teachers were invited to their class and the students had a small celebration to thank their class teachers and another. 

The students later assembled in the School Hall to have their program. The youngsters and the bigger students did really show their talents in singing, dancing and eloquence as comperes for the show.

The PTA members of the Secondary section offered a memento to the Management to thank them for all that has been done in the school and Mrs. Patel said a few words and thanked the teachers for their support and care towards the students and children.

Thank you my dear students for your program and especially the love expressed for your teachers.

Miss Pamela Dias said a few words of thanks on behalf of all the teachers.

The lunch was sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Sumeet & Kavita Gupta and a number of the Primary PTA parents were around to help and support. The lunch was indeed something the teachers will remember, more than just the lunch it is the wonderful caring thought of these parents that will go a long way.

God bless you one and all!


Yesterday, Tuesday the 4th September 2012 the Primary section had their Teachers' Day celebrations. It was a wonderful program planned and executed by a number of parents who were involved with the initiative of Mr. & Mrs. Sumeet Gupta the President of the Primary PTA.

It was indeed a day to be remembered by the teachers with the setting and backdrop really very well done by parents themselves.

The items by the boys were indeed excellent with the dances, music and choreography that was in sync with the rhythm and the music. Congrats to all the parents who gave so much of their time to train and prepare the program for the teachers.

The teachers had a ball of a time enjoying the songs, dance and the skit that had a number of jokes concerning the classroom.

One went out with a spirit of appreciation and thanks for all the work done as a Teacher. It was indeed a wonderful moment for a teacher as it gave them a breath of fresh air and the desire to go on teaching.

Thank you parents for your cooperation and help and for putting up a beautiful show for the teachers. God bless you!


On Saturday, 25th August 2012, the III standard had their Cultural Day and the theme for the evening was 'Media and Entertainment' The two teachers who trained the lads, Mrs. Rosalin Ambrose and Mrs. Marina Corda, did an excellent job together with a number of parents who helped with their time.

These little lads did some serious thinking putting before the crowd questions such as: 'How the media is affecting them as individuals and as a society!' 

They also spoke about the facts of the use of mobiles and the dangers involved.

They enacted a play which highlighted the pros and cons of Media and Entertainment in our day to day lives leaving each one of us with a beautiful message.

The song by Bob Marley 'One Love One Heart' set the mood and the tone of the Cultural day.

Congrats little ones for this beautiful message.