Youngsters during the basketball clinic

26th August 2010 can be marked as another RED LETTER DAY in the annals of St. Dominic Savio Complex. We had the visit of one of the current NBA star players in our midst, in the person of Pau Gasol who was responsible for the triumphant victory of the 'Lakers' in their recent match. The Lakers have been Champions and have retained their trophy for the last two years.
Pau Gasol  of Los Angeles 'Lakers'  at St. Dominic Savio's Andheri

Pau Gasol was here on behalf of the NBA to conduct a basketball clinic for the youngsters of Mumbai on the basketball courts of St. Dominic Savio Club. He took sessions and training and showed the young how to handle the ball and what they should do to be good and effective players.
With Fr. Crispino D'Souza

Before his arrival Troy the representative for the NBA in India had a training session and got the youngsters warmed up by doing routine exercises in handling the ball and some moves. He did get the mood and the spirits of the young going.
Explaining some techniques and moves to the youngsters

But when Pau Gasol stepped in there was a cheer to see this 7.1 footer walk around our basketball court with ease and a pleasant smile on his face. Being a great played and a current NBA top ranking players saw no airs about him and he mingled and went around meeting all the kids that were present for the clinic.
Pau Gasol of the Los Angeles 'Lakers'

Answering some questions 

A great group photo with a Star

Another one