St. Dominic Savio High School
Winners of the Singing Competition (Juniors)

Std: V
1st Place: Master Jason Menezes VB
2nd Place: Master Kushal Gupta V B
3rd Place: Master Qwain D'Souza V A

Std: VI
1st Place: Master Glenn Noronha VI A
2nd Place: Master Kirsten Rego VI A
3rd Place: Masters Leve Anthony VI A & Alvin Mascarenhas VI B

Std: VII
1st Place: Master Roydon D'Sa VII A
2nd Place: Master Deep Gnotra VII A
3rd Place: Master Sherwin Johnson VII A

Winners of the Instrumental Competition: (Juniors)
1st Place: Master Vishal Sutar VI A
2nd Place: Master Debanshu Sarkar VI B
3rd Place: Master Alister C. VII A

Winners of the Singing Competition (Seniors)

1st Place: Master Travis Lopes VIII B
2nd Place: Master Samuel Monteiro VIII A
3rd Place: Master Arnold Fernandes VIII B

Std: IX
1st Place: Master Simeon Monteiro IX A
2nd Place: Master Roshan Verghese IX B
3rd Place: Master Alden Noronha IX A

Std: X
1st Place: Masters Ryan Fernandes XA & Arieez Dutta XA
3rd Place: Masters: Emmanuel Dongre X A
& Reshaan Dutta XA & Joseph Gomes XA

Winners of the Instrumental Competition (Seniors)

1st Place: Master Rohit Kakade XB
2nd Place: Master Wendell Mathias VIII A
3rd Place: Master Sudhanshu Sawant VIII B



The students of Class III had their Cultural Day this afternoon at 2.00 pm. Their theme for the day was: 'Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid. Courage means, you don't let fear stop you!'

It was beautifully brought out in song and dance by the students and an apt skit to show courage among one's companions too, standing for what is right and fair.

The teachers, Rosalin and Rachel did a splendid training the youngsters for this program and the boys & girls did their part beautifully.

Fr. Rector in his talk spoke about the incident in the life of Don Bosco when youngsters who came and enjoyed the hospitality of Don Bosco and his mother, robbed him of the mattresses and sheets and disappeared. However, Don Bosco did not get discouraged.

Fr. Rector asked the parents to accompany our children in the time and during the times they are afraid and give them the courage and strength to know that you as parents are always there for them to take away their fears and anxieties.

We thank the Supervisor and all those teachers and parents who made this day a grand success.


Raksha Bandhan
Yesterday, the 20th August, the students in the Primary section celebrated the festival Raksha Bandhan,a beautiful sign of love between brother and sister.

The programme was held in each class with the lighting of a lamp, a prayer song dedicated to the brothers, colouring a rakhi on the worksheet, gift wrapping activity and decorating an envelope for their sister.

Some classes even invited their sisters to class for the programme and the sister tied a rakhi on the wrist of those boys who don’t have sisters.

Some parents too shared with the class the importance of the festival.


Today we celebrated the 67th Independence Day in school and it was a wonderful experience of Joy, Happiness and Patriotism by one and all. 

The entrance of the school had a variety of displays by the students who had done all the displays at their Activities classes that were held during the week. It certainly showcased the artistic skills of our young lads, who are so very gifted and talented.

It was a day to also felicitate the parents & students who secured the highest marks in various subjects and the one who topped in the school, Master Nikhil Yankalaya. We don congratulate his parents who were the Guests of Honour at this mornings function.

The boys band played two pieces, the choir boys sang beautifully and the drama and speech lads did fantastic. All these youngsters were once again trained in the Activities group that takes place on a regular basis during school hours.

Fr. Rector in his speech said that if we truly want to be patriotic, we need to not only respect our flag that represents freedom, but more importantly, we need to learn to respect and treasure one another. We Indians are made up a variety of cultures, backgrounds, religions and languages, and hence we need to befriend each other and cherish one another. If we are able to give this respect, it is only then that we are truly FREE!

Thank you my dear Supervisors, Staff, and Parents for your cooperation and help extended to the School Management and Staff.

Congratulations to all our students for the beautiful display of talents and skills.

God bless one and all!


Yesterday the 14th August 2013, the Pre-Primary & Primary Classes had dressed up in the Traditional outfits to celebrate Independence Day. They did look stunning in their outfits.

We do congratulate the Supervisors and the teachers for this beautiful idea and create in our children a sense of belonging and bonding with everyone from different ethnic backgrounds, religions and customs.

Well done my dear young students & parents thank you for your help and cooperation.


The Class Displays by the students are a wonderful area for showcasing the talents and artistic skills of our students. We congratulate the teachers and all those who have helped bring out these skills and talents in our youngsters.

Well done my dear students!



With a mission to reach out to as many children as possible, St. Dominic Savio High School Andheri, started the Neighbourhood School Program by adopting a school in the vicinity, 'The Young Indians' School.' 

There have been many student exchange programs that were held in the past where the students of both the schools interacted and developed a rapport with each other. However, the need of the hour is to help the Young Indians School to come on par with the other schools in the vicinity in terms of planning of the curriculum, syllabus and extra-curricular activities.

With this view in mind, the following aims have been outlines by the Volunteers of St. Dominic Savio High School and Don Bosco Balprafulta:

1. Annual Planning of the curriculum which would include the format of lesson plans for teachers with observation of lessons given by trained teachers, planning of a structured syllabus and question paper pattern.
2. Identification and optimization of available resources.
3. Planning and conducting in an organized manner, the events and activities to be held thought the year like the PTA meeting, investiture ceremony, Independence Day celebration, poster-making competition, etc.

With these aims, we hope to develop an organized system of functioning for 'The Young Indians' School.'



The Primary lads once again made use of waste material to innovate and create beautiful pieces of handiworks showcasing a wonderful display of creativity, talent and hard work. 

Congrats to the Supervisor, teachers and parents for giving the inspiration and assisting the lads in this venture.