We were pleasantly surprised at the visit of Annelyse Faustinelli our benefactress from Switzerland with her adopted son Vicky. She visited St. Dominic Savio around 06.30 pm and met Fr. Godfrey, the Rector. The boarders welcomed her with a welcome song and then the band played two pieces for her. Fr. Rector said a few words to the boarders and informed them of the years that Annelyse has spent in generously giving to Dominic Savio's through many and various friends and benefactors from Switzerland. She has been helping the institution for the last fifteen years. We do thank God for such wonderful benefactors who show us the human and compassionate face of Christ. God bless them abundantly. Annelyse promised to visit Dominic Savio's once again and we look forward to her visit with warmth and gratitude.

Fr. Godfrey introducing Annelyse to the boarders

Fr. Bosco Pereira sharing some good times with Annelyse

The boarders thanking her for her generosity and care

A moment with the boarders - wonderful memory


The sports festival just before the Diwali Holidays were cancelled as the rains came pouring down and we had no choice but change the date. So the 13 & 14 November were chalked out for this great event. The rains came once again due to the cyclone that came from the south and the boys were hoping that it would not once again play spoilt sport. At the meeting of the staff, Fr. Crispino said that come rain or storm we would have the sports festival and so it was.

God heard our pray and we had Sunshine. On the dot at 08.00 am we had Fr. Rector the chief guest of the Sports Festival walking down through the colours of Red, Yello, Green and Blue, with Fr. Crispino, Fr. Blaise and Fr. Cyril. The boys were in their house colours and it did look like a rainbow of colours.

At the marching in of the Chief Guests and the Salesians

During the welcome with Fr. Rector & Fr. Crispino

After the introduction by the compere, Master Joaquim of the X standard, welcomed one and all to this wonderful event and informed all that this was the day that they could scream, shout and yell without being yelled back at.  Fr. Godfrey D'Souza, the Rector was invited to hoist the school flag and later to attend the march past of the scouts and the various houses. It was an excellent blend of harmony and grace to see each group putting their best foot forward for his march past.

At the hoisting of the school flag

The Rector taking the salute while the scouts pass by

The House colours coming for the march past

Bro. Brenden with the Boys Home Band

Fr. Rector lit the torch and it was taken first by Shailesh and then by our runners around the ground to let the flame burn in our hearts for this day with a spirit of sportsmanship and competition.

The torch bearers carrying the torch

After this initial ceremony and we had a short drill display by the younger students followed by our senior students giving us a modern kitchen band with brooms and dish covers and the like, making the item a very novel and entertaining experience. It had a touch of class with the latest dance steps, and MJ's twist and shake. It kept one and all dancing to the rhythm and pace of the music.

The drill display by our younsters

Pots & Pans dance to the music

A little bit of kicking around

We sure do know a couple of moves

Come on let's dance to the music

Fr. Rector declaring the event open

Releasing the balloons for the event

The ground arrangements for the various events

The fixtures for the houses and their events

Let the games begin and the boys were playing at different spots

It was truly a time of fun and laughter and of course the youngsters putting their heart and soul into the games they played. Some who did not have their names registered were sad that they could not participate and so much wanted to be added. Some others who had registered their names for a particular game and event were listed for something they did not want and had gloomy faces until they were convinced to try out the new game and enjoy themselves.

The smaller kids at play

Blind throw ball by the juniours

This is called kho-kho

The coordinators desk

Today's event ended with all gathering together and Fr. Crispino the Principal giving a few instructions for tomorrow's programme. We look forward to another day of excitement and fun and of course being Childrens' Day it is right that we celebrate it with our kids. HAPPY CHILDRENS' DAY


Today the 8th November is the Birthday of Fr. Godfrey D'Souza, the Rector of St. Dominic Savio Boys Home, Andheri. The boarders had an animated mass in the morning at 07.30 and Fr. Godfrey D'Souza was the main celebrant. Frs. Crispino D'Souza, Fr. Godfrey D'Sa, Fr. Cyril D'Souza and Fr. Blaise Fernandes concelebrated with Fr. Rector.

The Seniors with their House T-Shirts

At 10.30 am Bro. Brenden invited Fr. Rector to inaugurate the Boarding House System. Fr. Godfrey said a few words and told the boarders that the House System helped them in Team Building, Discipline and Creativity building and hence it was important that they make good use of this means and help to work together as a Team. Each boarder was given a House T-Shirt with their House name printed on the back.

The juniours in their section

Master Ronny Borges the Boarding Captain

Master Clifford Tellis the Boarding Vice Captain

Fr. Rector installing the four Captains

During the inauguration of the House System, the Boarding Captain, Master Ronny Borges, the Vice Captain, Master Clifford Tellis, and the four Captains of the Boarding: Master Richly Henriques the Captain of the Savio's Team, Master Thomas Morris the Captain of the Bosco's team, Master Peter Gomes the Captain of the Rua's team and Master Vitus D'Souza the Captain of the Zatti's team were also installed during the inauguration.

The Bosco's Team

The Savio's Team

The Rua's Team

The Zatti's Team

We were indeed very happy to have with us Bro. Matthew D'Lomey who has been a very good benefactor to the Institution and the boys. Bro. Matthew came to visit us on this occasion and saw the boys in their outfits. The boarders welcomed him and the band players played a number or two for him. Bro. Matthew gave each boarder a copy of the bible and asked them to read the bible daily as it would help them in their daily living.

Bro. Matthew D'Lomey our cherished benefactor with us

Bro. Matthew listening to our band

Once the inauguration was over we took a group photograph of all the teams together in our garden.

The Teams together with Fr. Rector & Bro. Brenden

The Presidents, Treasurers and Secretaries of the Cooperators and the Past Pupils were also invited for lunch. It was a family occasion and the confreres from the various houses poured in for the celebration.  Fr. Bosco Pereira was the compere for the occasion and kept the group in splits and laughter with his wit and humour.

Fr. Bosco Pereira the compere of the celebrations

Fr. Crispino D'Souza the Vice Rector, raised the toast and enumerated a list of qualities that he saw in the birthday boy and thanked Fr. Godfrey for his leadership role in the community. It was a happy occasion and all those present did have a lovely time. Bro. Rocha who had also come along with the Provincial, Fr. Michael Fernandes, said a few words too and had all smiling with his humour.

At the cutting of the birthday cake

A different angle

The Birthday song did not seem to get over....

Fr. Godfrey replying to the toast

Fr. Godfrey thanked Fr. Crispino, Fr. Bosco and each member of the community for this celebration and said that Birthday were good and that statistics showed that those who celebrated the most number of birthdays lived the longest. With the list of qualities that Fr. Crispino mentioned Fr. Godfrey said that the first thing that he did when he woke up was put on the computer and typed the words: It is my Birthday today and the computer replied that he needed an upgrade.

Bro. Rocha saying a few words of appreciation

Fr. Provincial blessing the meal

Fr. Rector's Birthday Celebrations

The school celebrated the Birthday of Fr. Godfrey D’Souza, the Rector, on Friday the 6th November as Saturday was an Open Day for the school and Sunday the 8th which is the actual day was a holiday.

The catholic students had a mass at 8.00 am and the students of other faiths had a prayer service in the school AV Hall.

At the Eucharistic Celebration

The Offertory Procession

Felicitation in the Pre-Primary

Cutting of the cake - Pre-Primary

Together with the staff of the Pre-Primary

At 09.30 am the Pre-Primary had a felicitation for Fr. Rector and the cutting of the cake.

During the Felicitation by the School

In the midst of the students

The cutting of the Birthday cake

At. 12.30 pm the entire secondary section had a programme for Fr. Rector with some items, skits and dances to felicitate him on the occasion of his birthday. Fr. Crispino the Principal said a few words in appreciation of Fr. Rector during his talk.

Mrs. Dorothy at the cutting of the cake by the Primary

Some of the teachers of the Primary

At 01.30 pm the primary teachers came to wish the Rector in his school office and cut a cake and sang the birthday song. They were in a good spirit and had quite some fun with one another and with Fr. Rector. They also brought a few gifts for the Rector.
At 02.30 the NIOS catholic students had their First Friday mass. Fr. Rector was once again the main celebrant and Frs. Bosco and Crispino concelebrated. The students prayed for the Rector during the mass and the prayer service.

The NIOS students at the Felicitation programme

The NIOS students listening silently

At 04.30 the entire NIOS section had a felicitation programme for Fr. Rector. The items that were put up were indeed to a standard and their tribal dances one from Maharashtra and one from Punjab were wonderful. Once again Fr. Crispino said a few words of appreciation and thanks to Fr. Rector.

The NIOS teachers came at about 5.40 pm to wish and greet Fr. Rector.

A Fisher folk dance by the NIOS

A Punjabi dance by the NIOS

At. 07.00 pm the boarding and Evening School students with the staff had a felicitation programme. It was a day of felicitations and the high point was this last one with the basti and slum children singing and dancing. Ms Pooja from the Evening school gave the birthday speech in Hindi and she was really excellent.

The boarders during the programme in the evening

The Evening Study Class students at the programme

The boarders put up a couple of items and skits for Fr. Rector and the Boys Home Band played a few tunes to make everyone swing into the mood for the celebration.

Fr. Crispino said a few words in Hindi to the students of the ESC and the boarders in appreciation of Fr. Rector.