On 8 September 2010 it was the Blue House Day and for the Assembly they had taken up the theme of the Girl Child as it was also the Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

The Blue House very beautifully portrayed to the assembly the plight of women in our Indian society and how women are humiliated, kept low and do not have a voice in society and in many homes. Even today the girl child is ignored and it is not surprising that there are families that try to abort the girl child as they prefer the boy child rather than the girl child.

The compere rightly stated that Woman was made from the rib of man; not from his head to rule over him; not from his feet to be trampled upon; but from his side to be equal to him; from beneath his arm to be protected by him; from near his heart to be loved by him.

Fr. Rector touched on the theme of the girl child in his talk at the end of the programme and said that statistics tell us a sad story about the plight of the girl child.

1 out of 6 girls do not live to see her fifteenth birthday;
Out of the 12 million girls born in India,
1 million do not reach their first birthday;
Every sixth girl child's death is due to gender discrimination;
1 out of 4 girls is sexually abused before 4 years;

Fr. Rector exhorted the students to learn to respect the girl child and to take care of them as God chose a woman to bear children in the world because they are filled with qualities of dedication; sacrifice; commitment; compassion and love.

After the talk of the Rector some prizes were given out to the various classes for the poor boys fund; for discipline; studies; etc.

Teachers Day Celebrations

This year we at St. Dominic Savio's High School, celebrated Teachers' Day on the 3 September 2010 as the 5 September was on a Sunday. The children of the various classes were preparing themselves for the occasion to entertain and appreciate their teachers.

At. 08.00 am the class teachers together with a subject teacher went to a class to be felicitated by the students. Each class had something different for the teachers. The class that I went to, the X A had prepared a short welcome and one of the students, Master Benjamin Patrao said a few words to thank Miss Arlene and Fr. Godfrey and for being teachers.

This felicitation got over around 09.00 am and then the catholic boys went for mass to the hall while the students of other faiths went to the boarding section for a prayer service.
At the Eucharist Celebration for Teachers

After the Eucharistic celebration and the prayer service the boys went home while the ones who had prepared a short programme for the teachers remained behind to perform. The programme was short and sweet and the boys and girls of the school and the NIOS did perform well.

A welcome song by the Primary

Some of the teachers at the programme

A few more on the other side

A fusion dance by the seniors

A cultural dance from Tamil Nadu by the NIOS XII students

Towards the end of the programme Fr. Rector went up to say a few words and once again on an occasion like this he thanked the Teachers for their dedication, commitment and hard work towards the institution and for the children and youngsters in their charge. 

Mrs. Andre Gonsalves then said the vote of thanks on behalf of the teachers and the programme ended. Lunch for the teachers was at 01.00 pm but before that we had a variety of games to put the teachers in the mood.

It was indeed a good day of appreciation. We were indeed happy to have a number of our ex-teachers present for the occasion.