This morning, Tuesday, 2nd July 2013, we had the House System Inauguration of the Secondary School. It was indeed a very beautiful program and our leaders and youngsters did it with flare and passion. We congratulate the teachers who were in charge of today's program, Mrs. Arlene and Renilda for the pains they took it making it a beautiful and meaningful ceremony.

All played an important part, from those who were the comperes to those who had a share in reciting a script or introducing others.

One of the ideas of having this House System is to make the students know the objectives of the House System. The main objectives are:

1. To conduct the affairs of the houses on the principles of a well run family with the House Mistress Ms. Arlene D'Cruz and Ms. Renilda Fernandes as the head.
2. To assist in the maintenance of discipline, developing leadership and sound competitive spirit.
3. To develop in the pupils a civic sense and loyalty to the school.

To do all this the school has taken a definitive step in choosing for the year the theme: "Don Bosco's Educational System with Love."


Part of today's ceremony was the investiture ceremony of the School Captain & Vice Captain and all the Leaders of the school.

A promise of service and fidelity by all the leaders of the school keeping in mind Team Spirit that enhances the growth of the members of the team through exchange of experiences and difficulties. Team Spirit promotes openness and aims at the betterment of the performances of individuals in the team and the group. 

Team Spirit also fosters collective, initiative and creativity, making the impossible possible, through pooled efforts and united strength. It leads its members to work in union and harmony.

Fr. Rector in his sharing asked the leaders to look up and read the lives of other great leaders and follow them. He told the Leaders that in doubt get the advice of your mentors and teachers and listen to their instructions. 

We wish all our Leaders all the best in this new academic year 2013-2014


On Sunday the 30th June we had the Dominic Savio Quiz competition for the boarders in the evening from 06.45 and continued after dinner.

The boarders were indeed enthused and a good number of them did study the quiz answers well and did extremely well. 

There was a stiff competition among the five groups to do better than the others.

The purpose of the quiz was to know Dominic Savio better and to try and imitate him in his virtues of goodness and obedience. 

The boarders did have an enjoyable evening and with the feast round the corner they are in for a couple more competitions and surprises.

We do thank Bro. Michael, Bro. Daniel and Sir Haydn for making it a grand success.




This morning Saturday 29th June we had our first PTA General Body Meeting of the parents of both the Secondary and Primary school. The parents and staff of the Secondary section met from 09.00 am to 10.00 am while the parents of the Primary and Pre-Primary section met at 10.30 am to 11.30 am

The principal, Fr. Crispino welcomed the gathering of the sections and introduced the staff to the parents. he then invited Fr. Rector, Fr. Godfrey to say a prayer and then share his thoughts.
Fr. Godfrey prayed for all Management, Staff, Parent body and children and asked the Lord to bless and guide each one in the new academic year.

He spoke about TEAM building and how we sometimes need to sacrifice our own aspirations and glory for the sake of the team.

After his sharing the Principal then explained a few points regarding the Behaviour & Discipline Policy of the school and mentioned to the parents that each one would receive a copy of the same to know and understand the policy and its consequences.

The turn-out of parents of both sections was indeed very good and encouraging. After the meeting in the hall, the parents then went to their respective classrooms to elect the Class representatives.

The names of the class representatives will be announced once all the names have reached the Principal's office.

We thank one and all for their presence and time.


Dear Parents,

Tomorrow Saturday the 29th June we have our General Body Meeting of all the Parents.

The Secondary will meet from 9.00 am to 10.00 am and the Primary will meet from 10.30 am to 11.30 am.

The Agenda for the meeting is as follows:

1. Welcome Prayer by Fr. Rector
2. Fr. Principal's Address
3. Staff Introduction
4. SSC Results
5. Briefing on Behaviour & Discipline Policy
6. Sports Uniform for activities
7. Procedure for election

Looking forward to seeing all of you my dear parents.


Today, Friday, 21st June 2013 was a red letter day in the chronicles of the Institution. Fr. Michael Fernandes the Provincial and Fr. Ajoy Fernandes the Vice Provincial came to the community and the campus for the official Provincial visit. Fr. Michael began seeing the confreres of the community just after breakfast while Fr. Godfrey took Fr. Ajoy around showing him the campus and the various programs that were going on due to the activities periods that were on. Fr. Ajoy then went to the Principal's office to see and check all the records and books that were kept ready by the office.

At 10.15 am we had a short but sweet school assembly to welcome Fr. Ajoy who attended the assembly. Fr. Ajoy was welcomed by an address and a floral tribute. The school read out an address to him and thanked him for his presence among us.

Fr. Ajoy in his speech told the boys to make the best of all the facilities and programs that were being made available for the students as that would help them develop a holistic formation.

At 01.30 pm Fr. Provincial addressed the teachers and spoke about what is essential and some of the elements that we as a congregation have been focusing on in the last couple of years.

At 02.30 pm Fr. Provincial met with Don Bosco Balprafulta while Fr. Ajoy met with Prafulta and the staff.

At 06.00 pm Fr. Provincial met with the boarders and spoke to them asking them to study hard and to make the best of their time in the boarding and the opportunities given.

Fr. Ajoy met with the Salesian Family (the Past Pupils & the Cooperators) They came out in large numbers in spite of it being a weekday. Fr. Ajoy gave them a brief idea of what the congregations is planning for the next couple of years and asked the Family to check in what way they could help out and reach out to youngsters.

The community met for the Holy Eucharist at 7.15 pm and after the Eucharist the provincial gave us the concluding conference encouraging us to keep together and pray together.

We sat together for dinner and had something to laugh about while chatting with each other in a family atmosphere. It was time to say our good-byes and both Fr. Provincial & Fr. Ajoy left us at around 09.00 pm.

We thank both, Fr. Michael Fernandes our provincial as well as Fr. Ajoy Fernandes our Vice Provincial for being present the entire day and for sharing their thoughts and experiences with us. It certainly was an enriching moment for the school, the boarding, the Salesian Family and the community.


This morning, Monday the 17th June in spite of the heavy rains all night, students came to school, which had a very different setting from its original. Work was on during the holidays to beautify the lobby and the ground floor restrooms giving the entire place a very swanky look. First day of school and they were settling into their classes and there certainly was surprise on some of their faces to know their class teachers.

School closed early today and at 10.15 we had a staff meeting. Fr. Godfrey D'Souza, the Rector, led with a prayer and then gave the staff a short message. He wished them well for the new scholastic year, and asked the staff to make learning a Fun thing for the kids and that the kids enjoy learning and since they enjoy they would want more of something they enjoy.

He also asked them to be Creative and Innovative bringing out this creativity and innovation from the child using the Pedagogy of Kindness taught to us by Don Bosco.

Fr. Rector, introduced and welcomed a new member to the Salesian community and to the Institution in the person of Brother Daniel D'Souza. He told them that Bro. Daniel would be doing his post graduate studies and would be a member of the community and would help our in the boarding as an assistant.

The Principal then addressed the floor and welcomed all the new staff and had a run through the program of studies, activities, and some of the discipline and behaviour policies of the school asking the teachers to adhere to them and to be careful in the use of corporal punishments as that is not permitted at all and is a criminal offence.

The Principal asked for any clarifications and with that they meeting ended.