"We were all children once. And we all share the desire for the well-being of our children, which has always been and will continue to be the most universally cherished aspiration of humankind."

Childhood is about innocence, playfulness, joy and freedom. On World Children’s Day- 20th November 2012, Don Bosco Balprafulta (Andheri) organised a fun filled event based on the theme – My Education, My Right. This event was organized for more than 1,000 children, both girls and boys from various NGOs, CBOs (Community Based Organisations) and other marginalized communities. 

The Chief Guest Ms. Tanuja Sant (CDO) K-East Ward and Mr.Navenath Shinde (Chief Officer, Childrens’ Aid Society) while speaking on the importance of Education reiterated that we need to give each child their Right to Education but also educate them to their responsibility and duty to study and become good and honest citizens of our country. This occasion was an opportunity for children to experience the spirit of celebration. 

The first part of the celebration included classroom activities where the children participated in different fun games. Through a craft kit, children used their imagination to create various works of art. In the second part children enjoyed stage performances which included a mix of dance, live music and skit performed by the children from different participating communities. Each child enjoyed the wholesome meals given. Every child went home with smiles and happy memories of a joyful day. 

This date, 20th November marks the anniversary of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1959. The Convention on the Rights of the Child was signed on this same date in 1989. This convention has been sanctioned by 191countries, including India.

About Don Bosco Balprfulta 
Don Bosco Balprafulta is a Salesian response to the desperate situation of marginalized children in the city of Mumbai. Involved with promoting Child Rights since 2000, Don Bosco Balprafulta’s focus is to enable children procure their rights through State and Civil participation. 

Although ‘The Shelter’ and ‘Bosco Boys’ Home’ catered to several hundred youngsters, the city of Mumbai still had a very large number of youngsters in need of care and protection. It was felt that setting up an institution, would always limit the number of deprived children that could be helped. So the question arose- why not go to the streets instead of bringing children into the institution? Why not go into places where children are neglected and exploited, use the mechanisms of the State, and thus reach out to a larger group of children? Thus in the year 2000 Don Bosco Balprafulta was born with a vision to promote child rights through the care, protection, treatment and opportunities for the development of children in all walks of life, especially the lower-socio, economic and politically disadvantaged, through state, market and civil society participation.

Let’s give our children wings to fly high in the sky of Life!



MATUNGA-MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 10, 2012 : The times they are goes an old song. Technology has evolved – and is evolving – and so is education. A reluctant step forward, you are not in sync; a false step, you lose the race; and, a missed step, you have lost it altogether. The growing demands for excellence, accountability and consistency necessitated an audit from an external agency in the four Salesian schools of Mumbai: Don Bosco, Matunga, St. Joseph’s, Wadala, Dominic Savio, Andheri and Don Bosco, Borivili.

A chance meeting with the team leading Adhyayan Quality Education Services set in motion a process for a qualitative review of the four schools. The Adhyayan School Self-Review and Evaluation (SSRE) diagnostic has been developed around internationally recognized standards of schooling and is rooted in years of experience of conducting school audits globally. The diagnostic assesses schools on 6 Key Performance Areas (KPAs):

1. Leadership and Management
2. Teaching and Learning
3. The Child
4. The Curriculum
5. The Community and Partnerships
6. Infrastructure and Resources

The Adhyayan School Self-Review and Evaluation (SSRE) is an important component of the Qualitative assessment. It is a structured practical reflection by the school community, based on the Adhyayan Quality Standard (AQS). It is the belief that there is an equal importance and value of the school self-review sitting alongside external verification and inspection. ‘Know thyself’ is the key to any school’s journey to achieving high quality, internationally accredited education standards. Hence the Adhyayan SSRE model deliberately has two complementary elements: school self-review and external evaluation.

The AQS has 4 tiers for evaluation: International, National (the 4 Salesian schools opted for this), State and Local. In all cases, the schools are evaluated with the same rigor as the international standard and use the same criteria.

To begin with, a time-table of the description of activity to undertake the SSRE for the 4 schools was sent to the respective Principals. The time period: Oct 29 to Nov. 9, 2012. This activity included:

· The Orientation session for the School’s SSRE team (10-12 leaders identified from the Management, staff –teaching and non teaching, parents, students, alumni) led by Adhyayan Lead Assessors. They introduced the SSRE Model and Diagnostic to the leaders.

· The schools SSRE team undertakes its own review (with no intervention by the Adhyayan).

· External Evaluation by Adhyayan Lead Assessors.

· Award (Platinum, Gold, Silver or Star) followed by Quality Dialogue and Action Plan for School Improvement with the school SSRE team.

· Joint Conference (Adhyayan Lead Assessors and the 4 Principals) to have a shared understanding of their success stories and challenges.

The activity generated enthusiasm and a tremendous interest in the entire process of evaluation. Parents and students worked alongside the management and the staff for long hours of the day that always stretched beyond the schedule time, while the Adhyayan Lead Assessors led by the strapping and erudite Irishman, Mr. Spokey Wheeler, and curricula management guru, Ms. Kavita Anand provided the impetus for the animated discussions at the training sessions and meetings. The self-review was an exercise in introspection and honest dialogues, class observations and interactions, Learning Walks and Book Looks.

The quality dialogues that followed the evaluation by the Adhyayan Lead Assessors, were engaging – at times negotiations bordering on parleys (after all the leaders representing the school were passionate about their institution)-perky and riveting. It was time for action plans and targets, and the enthusiastic school band seemed equal to the task.

The joint conference of the Adhyayan lead assessors and the Principals was a forum to exchange the success stories, evaluate procedures, strategize and carry the action plan forward. The Adhyayan team has indeed left behind in their wake a string of success stories to celebrate, yet many other areas that need an honest reflection for change and excellence.


On Saturday the 10th November the children of the Primary School celebrated Diwali, the Festival of Lights. The teachers had a short prayer service invoking the blessings of the gods and the offering of sweets that the kids brought along and then shared with one and all. After the brief service, the boys had a dancing session where they could vent their energy dancing to Bollywood music and wish each other a Happy Diwali.

Fr. Rector in his talk to the kids told them that during the holidays each of them had to light up and brighten the life of another little lad so that someone else is happy in the world.


Today we had the second day of our Sports Festival. We began with some more fun games in the morning like square-ball, throw-ball, net-ball and some others played football and cricket.

In the afternoon after the lunch break we had the track and field events with the 100 mts; 200 mts and the relay races.

With the close of that we then had the much looked out for event, the tug-of-war between the houses of the Seniors, Juniors and the Inters.

The staff item was a novel one indeed with a pepsi to quench their parched throats and lips and find the tokens on the ground.

The last and important item was the prize distribution for all the event.

The GREEN HOUSE were the OVER ALL Champions.

Fr. Crispino made it a point to thank the core team who organized the event, Mr. Dayanand, Mr. Sharma and Mr. Alex.

He also thanked the Teaching and non-teaching staff for their dedication on the field during the games and events.

All good things come to an end and so did this years Sports Festival.


Yesterday the 8th November the School celebrated the Birthday of the Rector, Fr. Godfrey D'Souza. At the inauguration of the first day of the Sports Festival Fr. Crispino announced to the school that it was the birthday of the Rector and thanked God for the person he is.

In the evening the boarders had organized the Eucharistic celebration with good singing and animation. All the community members were present. Fr. Barnabe said more than a few words about the Rector at the mass appreciating some of the qualities of the Rector.

After the Eucharist there was a program in the school assembly hall by the boarders and the evening study children. The whole program was very well arranged and seen to by Fr. Crispino, Bro. Michael, Sir Haydn and the boys. The singing and dances were excellent and the skit was truly entertaining with a beautiful message to take home. Fr. Edwin the Administrator said a few words in English and in Hindi for the benefit of the Evening Study Children.

The EVS put up a beautiful dance and Puja read out an address expressing their sentiments of gratitude that the children and the staff have for all that is organized for them.

The dinner for the boarders was something to be remembered. They had a buffet dinner and it was a joy to see them do justice to the spread.

The Salesians and the family and close friends and benefactors were also present. It was here that Fr. Crispino said more than a few words once again appreciating Fr. Godfrey as the Rector of Dominic Savio's.

Fr. Godfrey thanked one and all for the many lovely words expressed from morning, and for all the arrangements made to make his 60th Birthday a very memorable one indeed.

Thanks and God bless to one and all and especially to all the members of the community and Sir Haydn.


This morning the 8th November the Secondary School had their Sports Festival beginning today and it will go on until tomorrow. The chief guest of the morning was Fr. Rector who was welcomed together with Fr. Crispino and Fr. Edwin, the Administrator.

There was the hoisting of the school flag, the sportsman's prayer and the oath. Before that the torch was taken by four of our students around the grounds and then the chief guest lit the main torch.

The march past took place with the four houses doing well in the event led by the scouts of the school.

There was a tabloid enacted by the boys depicting some of the games and skills found in India. Fr. Crispino was then invited to introduce the occasion and to wish the Chief Guest a Happy Birthday. Fr. Rector was then called on to say a few words and to declare the Sports event open and released the balloons.

Instructions were given by the Principal and then the boys went out to their various fields for their games.

The whole morning was very exciting with each team competing with the other and trying to win and accumulate points for their house.

The Salesian Cooperators of the Andheri Unit had their canteen stall open for the boys.

We look forward to a second day of fun filled events tomorrow.

All the best lads and see you tomorrow.


On the 6th November the students of St. Dominic Savio celebrated Childrens Day a bit earlier as the students will be on home leave on the 14th November.

There was a delay in beginning the event as there was some technical problem with the electricity and the sound system. By the time we started it was 08.45 and then the teachers took the band of youngsters on a fantastic trip of fantasy and Bollywood, Hollywood and the likes.

Each section of the staff had a beautiful item for the students and the surprise of the lot was the item prepared by the parents. The mothers of the students put up a feet-tapping dance to Bollywood music and that got the children swaying to the beat and singing out loud.

One could see the faces of the boys delighted with the show and in no uncertain terms they kept saying the show must go on!

After the program by the staff, there was a stunt show by a troupe that had about six members who performed some rather difficult stunts and had our boys with their mouths wide open in wonder and admiration.

It was already hot and the sun beat down mercilessly on all who were present. It was tiring but for youngsters there was more to enjoy. Unfortunately the snack for the kids did not come on time and some of them especially the primary lads had to leave without have a full snack.

We do apologize to the parents who had to wait a long time to pick up the kids.

It is always wonderful to celebrate CHILDREN'S DAY
Thank you for being kids!