On Saturday the 21st November, Standard III of the Primary School had its Cultural Day. Many parents of the children were present and had come to witness this Cultural Programme. The students put up a variety show with poems, dances and songs. This Cultural Day was taking place after a long gap and it was, as explained by the Principal, Fr. Crispino D'Souza, an encouragement for the young students to come up with confidence to act and speak in public displaying their creativity and talent.

The welcome song for parents by the boys

Some of students dressed up in costume

One section at the recitation of the Lion and the Mouse

A glimpse of the parents who attended the Cultural Programme

Fr. Rector in his speech to the parents highlighted the importance of having children and that they were the best gift God gave them and to take care of the children and spend as much time as they could with their children.

The theme for the programme was "I AM SPECIAL," a reminder to each parent that their child was special and more precious than silver and gold.


It certainly was a delight to welcome seventy-three students and staff members from our Philosophical Institute at Nashik. They were on an excursion tour visiting salesian houses in Mumbai. After a trip to Kurla and Don Bosco Borivili and Bosco Boys Home, they came to St. Dominic Savio Boys Home for lunch.

The confreres welcomed them with a good spread at table and after the lunch there was an address read out to welcome the students and staff of Divyadaan. The boys sang a welcome song and then the band played a piece for them.

The brothers themselves said a few words of appreciation and had an address read out by Denver thanking and appreciating the boys and the confreres for their welcome and hospitality. They then sang a Thank You song.

Fr. Godfrey D'Souza, introduced the group to the boarders and later some of the boarders spent time with the young salesians chatting and asking them a hundred questions.

The students of Divyadaan being welcomed by our boarders

Our boarders

Cleric Denver D'Silva reading our the address


On Thursday, 19th November, we had the Supervisor of the Pre-NIOS & the NIOS of Don Bosco Matunga, Ms. Preema Noronha, together with seven teaching staff who came in for a three hours animation seminar conducted by Fr. Bosco Pereira and Fr. Godfrey D'Souza. The theme of the seminar was "Creating Your Own Experience."

The seminar helped the participants to look at themselves squarely and realize that each one is responsible for all that happens and that we create our own experience. The sessions were lively on account of a greater participation by the staff in the discussions and sessions.

Everybody has a look,
Everybody has an attitude,
Everybody has a certain role.
Some might call it Personality,
and some might call it your Style.

The participants went through a series of Personality styles to check which one they belonged to or were inclined towards. It helped to have a greater awareness of oneself and how we either act or react towards others in our behaviourial patterns.

Some of the video clippings and power-point presentations made it enriching and beautiful.

The sessions ended at 01.00 pm with a vote of thanks from a staff member, Larry.