On the 9th July the elected representatives of the Secondary and the Primary Section of the PTA met in the AV hall at 08.45 am and 09.30 am respectively. The main purpose of this PTA meeting was the election of the office bearers. There were three posts that had to be filled in: The President, the Secretary and the Treasurer.
Secondary PTA representatives

Before the proceedings began for each section, Fr. Crispino asked the Rector, Fr. Godfrey D’Souza to speak to the representatives. Fr. Godfrey spelt out the duties of the PTA representatives and that they would need to liaison between the parents, teachers and management and bring suggestions and complaints to the respective bodies.

Fr. Godfrey highlighted the need that whatever we do, we need to keep the good of the child in mind so that changes benefit the child in his growth and maturity.
Primary PTA representatives

Primary PTA representatives with the staff members

After briefly explaining what was expected of the PTA members, he then had a clipping on Parents as role models followed by a power point presentation on Parenting by Example. Parenting by Example was taken from the book by Dr. Phil McGraw ‘Family First’. He ended with another clipping that was meaningful and apt to the occasion and the topic.

Those chosen from the Secondary Section are:
Mr. A. Srinivas - President; Mr. Mario Pereira - Secretary & Mrs. Pricilla Viegas - Treasurer.

Those chosen from the Primary Section are:
Mr. Titus Menezes - President;  Mrs. Liza Menezes – Secretary; & Mrs. Pricilla Viegas – Treasurer.

There was a group photograph of the various sections before we parted.


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Don Bosco is coming to the Province of Mumbai from the 04 to 16th August 2011. 

In 2007 the Salesians celebrated the 150 Anniversary of the Foundation of the Congregation and in 2015 with the entire Salesian Family we will be celebrating the Bicentennial Anniversary of the birth of St. John Bosco. 

In preparation for these events the relic of Don Bosco has been making a trip round the entire world and has already started in India from the North. This is a moment of grace for the entire Salesian Family in the Province of Mumbai.

The schedule for the visit to the Mumbai Region is as follows:

04—05      Don Bosco Baroda
06             Don Bosco Nashik
07             St. Anne’s Ahmednagar
08-09        Sacred Heart, Yerwada
10             Don Bosco Lonavla
11             Resurrection Parish Virar
12             St. John Bosco Parish Borivali
13             Our Lady of Dolours Wadala
                Auxilium Convent Wadala
13-16       Don Bosco Shrine Matunga

All devotees and fans of St. John Bosco could visit any of these places.

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Today the entire school celebrated the feast of our Patron St. Dominic Savio. The boys were in colours rather than their school uniforms and they looked smart as ever. The Catholic boys had the Eucharist with Fr. Rector as the main celebrant and the boys of other faiths had a prayer service in the AV Hall with Fr Crispino leading them into moments of prayer, with some Bhajans from a group.

Dominic Savio was once again portrayed as a model of sanctity the Salesian way, and the boys were told to imitate Dominic Savio in his simple but sure way to holiness, doing one’s duty and obeying one’s elders.A slice of cake was distributed to each and every student after the prayer service and mass. 

The boarders went for their lightening tournament and had a number of games lined up in spite of the showers that were present. They loved playing in the rain and seemed to be enjoying it all the more.

The staff came to the mess of the Salesians and we began with some party games to bring in the spirit of the festivity, a game of Housie and then Fr. Crispino asked the Rector, Fr. Godfrey to say a few words before saying the grace.Fr. Rector thanked the staff for the team that we all are and for their dedication in helping youngsters in the Don Bosco Way. 

He also thanked the staff for their gift on management day of the sound system in the mess.Fr. Rector told the staff that we were privileged to be in this ‘vocation’ of teaching as we, like Don Bosco, have so many youngsters that we can mould and shape into beautiful diamonds.

He presented each member of the staff with a book entitled: Don Bosco meets his boys’ as a gift so that reading this book we would all the more be encouraged to know the Salesian system of Don Bosco, The Preventive System.The staff had a wonderful lunch laid out and we sat together relaxed and in the spirit of the feast chatting and talking to one another.

The boarders had a sumptuous spread for lunch with a great variety. One knew that they were indeed happy as their smiles covered miles.Thanks one and all for making this Feast a grand success. God bless.May St. Dominic Savio be our inspiration always.


Today the 5th July was a day of excitement in the school as the students of the various houses were getting ready for the Quiz competition in honour of St. Dominic Savio. The students were given questions on the life of Dominic Savio and the Institution and there would be a quiz competition among the various houses.

The Primary began their competition at 10.00 am and also had a drawing competition to the event of the morning. The lads in a variety of colours were indeed looking like Dominic Savio and were all very involved in participating in the event. Fr. Edwin Colaco added his spirit of gaiety and fun to the moment and had the youngsters enjoying every moment of the competition.

The Secondary section was divided into two groups. The V, VI & VII standards formed one group while the VIII, IX & X standards formed the senior group. Bro. Roshan conducted the senior section while the teachers conducted the junior section in the AV hall.

At the end of the competitions the seniors were given a little booklet on the life of Dominic Savio to read at leisure at home.

The Primary Supervisor, Mrs. Maria Xavier, made it possible to have the life of St. Dominic Savio screened in the Primary classes for all the children. It was a good idea to pass on the vales of St. Dominic Savio to these little youngsters at such a tender age.

We take this opportunity to wish one and all a very Happy Feast of St. Dominic Savio. May we youngsters model him by being Cheerful and full of life.


On Sunday, 3rd July the feast of St. Thomas the Apostle, Bro. Roshan Gonsalves conducted the Savio Nite for the Boarders of Dominic Savio. The celebrations for the ‘nite’ began at 8.30 pm in the recreation hall.

The boys were divided into eight teams with a special name for each team after a virtue and it began with the lighting of the lamp by Fr. Godfrey D’Souza, the Rector declaring the Savio nite open.

After that there were a number of fun filled games, puzzles, scout slaps and skits put up by the groups based on the life of St. Dominic Savio. 

It was indeed wonderful to see the participation by the youngsters and the joy and thrill to be the first group to complete the games and puzzles and submit the same to the organizers.

After about an hour of participation and perspiration, there was a snack break to refresh themselves and get back their energies. Once refueled, they once again were back into the game with a fresh vigour and vitality. Where do the young get their energy from, one may wonder!
The climax was the crowning of the Savio Knight Leader with his team. The crown went to Team Cheerfulness for being the winners of the Savio Nite event.

Congratulations and well done Savions at St. Dominic Savio Boys Home-Andheri