'Savio Nite' as it has been known through the ages, the boarders celebrated it on Wednesday 04 July 2012 with Bro. Michael planning every little event and game with Sir Haydn and some volunteers to make it a fun filled Nite to learn the virtues and good habits of St. Dominic Savio.

There were a host of puzzles, jumbles, maze-games and the like that led you to understand something more and new about the Little Giant.

The teams were vying with one another to get into the spot light and win the Knighthood.

The Salesians too participated in the event with Fr. Crispino taking the lead.

The team crowned 'KNIGHTS OF DOMINIC SAVIO' was the Magone Team.

Fr. Edwin Colaco dubbed them Knight with a crown and a sword!

Thanks to one and all who made this a great event.

We now look forward to the Feast Day that will bring in a lot of excitement and another fun-filled day with lightening tournaments and games.

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