At 12.30 pm we had the farewell for the X standard students of the school. Most of them were dressed up like gentlemen with their suits and looked smart.

It was a short but sweet program put up by the IX standard students wishing their bigger brother farewell. There were a couple of songs, dances and some speeches.

Fr. Rector wished them well and all the best in the new life and told them to keep in mind all the values they learned in school and not to be pressured by their peers into vices that will be detrimental to their growth. He told them that they could always come back at any moment when they are down and out and seek the help and guidance of their teachers or the Salesians.

The IX standard boys put up a skit that brought out a very strong and powerful message of how mothers and family are sometimes working very hard to help educate them. They need to appreciate all the sacrifices that are made by other family members.

Fr. Crispino spoke about the 3 Ps: Patience, Passion & Prayer and said that these were very important for their life and living and if they wanted to achieve anything in life.

There was a dance put up once again by the IX standard youngsters and it was very well done and all in sync.

We wish all our dear X standard students all the best for their coming examinations and for the new life they will soon embrace.

God bless to one and all


This morning Ms Kavita from the Adhyayan Quality Defined Team came for a follow up to St. Dominic Savio's High School. The students and the teachers were to prepare and keep ready their displays and projects in the class rooms and on the display notice boards.

The students did a fantastic job of their displays with the guidance and help from their respective teachers.

You could judge it for yourselves and see the beautiful work done by the students.

We congratulate the teachers and the students for this beautiful project and we hope it will continue to bring more colour and beauty to the school.