On Saturday 4th February the boarders had a small send-off for Bro. Royston, to thank him for his days spent with us at Dominic Savio's. 
Bro. Royston is presently studying Theology at Shillong and was on a break for the winter. He was sent here to help out with the boarding and did a fantastic job with organizing a number of events and activities for the boarders during the evenings and on the weekends.

In appreciation for his care and concern, the boarders put up a short but sweet program to thank Bro. Royston and express their gratitude in song, dance and verse.

Bro. Royston at the end thanked one and all for the rich experience he had and for the lovely time with the community and the boys. He wishes he could have stayed longer and said he loved this work.

We hope you come back to Dominic Savio's sometime!

God bless and a safe trip back to Shillong.