The long awaited Christmas Panorama organized by St. Dominic Savio High School finally came and people came and saw and participated. The two day event of the school was indeed very beautifully organized by the Management, Staff, parents and students. On the 18 December we began at 4.15 with a hat parade and Carol singing and it then went on with the students going to the stalls for fun games. In between there were many programs of competition organized with eminent judges on the panels.

It was a fun filled day and all who came appreciated and thanked the organizers for the well arranged programs and stalls.

The second day began on the dot at 4.00 pm with the welcoming of the guests and the Christmas Tableau by the VII standards beautifully depicting the birth of Jesus. Fr. Rector then placed the baby Jesus in the crib and gave a message to one and all present, telling the students, parents and guests that in our search for God let us not look all over, we will find Him in our hearts and in the hearts of our neighbour. Having found God in us and one another, we will also find, Peace, Joy and Love.

The Second day had a variety of competitions and the one looked forward to was the Savio King. The X standard students could participate in the Savio King Competition.

Partha Surve was crowned Savio King while Akash Rai was thr Runner Up.
Congratulations lads.

The second day went on with a lot more of people coming in to participate and enjoy themselves with their family and friends.

We thank all our staff, students, parents, past-pupils and benefactors who made this event possible and helped and assisted in one way or another.

Thanks & God bless.


On the 16th December evening, the boarders had their Christmas Party organized by Bro. Roshan and the Salesian Cooperators. The Party began around 7.30 with a welcome to the Salesians and the Cooperators and all the boys.

Fr. Rector was asked to say a prayer and bring in the celebrations. He welcomed the Cooperators and the boarders to the Christmas program. After the brief talk by Fr. Rector the DS Boys in Harmony sand a number of Christmas Carols to bring in the Christmas Spirit. Bro. Roshan & teacher Pamela organized a beautiful program filled with fun games and singing and on the spot fancy dress competition.

The boys participated well and were into each and every game with enthusiasm and zeal.

The Cooperators were all there to server, support and assist in the Christmas Party. They also gave a sizeable contribution for the Christmas gifts for the boarders. Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred & Crispina Rebello were invited up as they celebrated twenty-five years as Cooperators and were thanked specially for their dedication and commitment.

A sumptuous meal was prepared by Fr. Edwin and his team. The boys did have a wonderful time and ate to their hearts content.

At the end of the program prizes were distributed to all the winners and the crowning of the event was Santa with ‘Here comes Santa Claus’ and the giving of gifts to the boys. They were all delighted to have a packet for Christmas filled with goodies and other stuff.

Thanks once again to Fr. Rector, Fr. Crispino, Fr. Edwin, Bro. Roshan, Sir Haydn and to the Cooperators for organizing this beautiful event for the boarders.

Wishing one and all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2012!


On the 16th December we had a Christmas program at Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd. at Andheri West. Fr. Bosco Pereira began with the Mass for the CMD and employees of Elder Pharmaceuticals and the DS Boys in Harmony came into to add to the festive occasion after the mass and sang a number of traditional Christmas Carols for all those gathered around.

The audience was indeed surprised and glad that the boys did so well and they applauded well after each Carol. The lads introduced each Carol giving a little history of the same.

After the Carol program, all were given snacks and while they were out the Dominic Savio mini band played a medley of Carols for all.

Thanks to the CMD and all the employees of Elder Pharmaceuticals for your encouragement and cheer.
Merry Christmas to one and all


The Pre-Primary & Primary Christmas Programme held on Friday, 16th December 2011

Enjoy the photographs!

The Christmas Tableau 
Christmas Carols


At 7.00 pm on Thursday, the 15 December 2011, Fr. Edwin Colaco organized the Christmas Party for the Evening Study Children in the school hall. There were about 150 children that came for the party. Bro. Roshan together with some of the boarders were the main organizers for the fun games, such as, bombing the cities; live electric wires and the like.

Fr. Rector said a few words to the kids and told them that this was a time of Joy and Happiness and that we needed to spread happiness around. Fr. Barnabe also said a couple of words in Hindi inviting them to reach out to one another through goodness and kindness. After some more games for the seniors we had a special artist who came to entertain the children.

Mr. Raj the mimicry artist made it a point to come and entertain the children with his mimicry and jokes and impersonation of actors.

After the program the children went to their respective classrooms and were greeted by Santa who went around from class to class wishing all the students a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Fr. Edwin had prepared some wonderful gifts for all the kids to take home. The kids enjoyed themselves and had an excellent time.


This afternoon, Thursday the 15th December, we had a great show by the 'DS Boys in Harmony' at Maersk Global Service Centres (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. at Powai. Haydn Dias who works for the company got us to bring in the spirit of the festive season by singing traditional Christmas Carols for the employees of Maersk. 

The boys too were delighted as it was a good exposure for them into the company to be able to see and be able to dream for bigger and higher things in life. They sang seven Christmas Carols. They were trained by Haydn himself to sing in harmony and in voices.

The comments by the employees were indeed encouraging and heartwarming.
We would like to thank Mr. Niranjan Kudalkar who sent us the invitation to sing.

Enjoy the photographs! More will be added a little in a day or two.