'Savio Nite' as it has been known through the ages, the boarders celebrated it on Wednesday 04 July 2012 with Bro. Michael planning every little event and game with Sir Haydn and some volunteers to make it a fun filled Nite to learn the virtues and good habits of St. Dominic Savio.

There were a host of puzzles, jumbles, maze-games and the like that led you to understand something more and new about the Little Giant.

The teams were vying with one another to get into the spot light and win the Knighthood.

The Salesians too participated in the event with Fr. Crispino taking the lead.

The team crowned 'KNIGHTS OF DOMINIC SAVIO' was the Magone Team.

Fr. Edwin Colaco dubbed them Knight with a crown and a sword!

Thanks to one and all who made this a great event.

We now look forward to the Feast Day that will bring in a lot of excitement and another fun-filled day with lightening tournaments and games.


This morning, Wednesday 04 July we had the Rua House Day. They had as their theme for the Assembly, 'PERSEVERANCE THROUGH ALL ODDS'

The Comperes for the morning gave examples of famous people who had difficulties in their lives but did not give up, rather persevered through the hard times to come out successful.

Personalities such as Thomas Alva Edison, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Amitabh Bachchan, Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin were given as examples as people who preserved.

Fr. Rector in his talk mentioned a few more personalities who like those mentioned earlier also did not give up in life. He mentioned Ernest Hemingway, Archbishop Fulton Sheen & Abraham Lincoln.

The boys did get sufficient food for thought to take home and live by.

Well done the Teachers and boys of Rua House for the good script and presentation.


On Wednesday 04th July 2012 the Primary School had their St. Dominic Savio Quiz Competition. It was fun watching the little lads take part in the competition and participate in the event. They certainly looked like 'Little Dominics' with their innocent puffs and smiling faces.

Congratulations to Bro. Michael and the teachers who organized the event for the young lads.


Yesterday 03 July 2012 the Secondary Section, Seniors and Juniors had the Dominic Savio Quiz Competition after the long break. There was excitement in the air and each house trying to answer the questions by the organizers. Bro. Michael and Miss Arlene did an excellent job. 

The juniors had their program in the AV hall and the Seniors had their program in the school hall.

The students had the answers to all the questions on their finger-tips and were indeed very well prepared.

Well done young lad for a great job done!


On Monday 02st July Bro. Michael organized a Dominic Savio Quiz Competition in the boarding after dinner. It was very well organized with lots of innovative ways of having the quiz. There were quick starts, double or quits, buzzer first answer etc. The boys were very excited and most of them did an excellent job of learning the answers to the many questions on the life of St. Dominic Savio. Sir Haydn Dias was the time keeper and Master Strephon Moraes was the score keeper. They did an excellent job with Bro. Michael.

Congrats to one and all for the well organized event!


This morning, Monday 02 July 2012, the Primary School had the Inauguration of their House System. The ceremony was well done and animated by MRS SUJATA KUDTAKAR & MRS RACHEL SERRAO.

The two Comperes introducing the events, did exceptionally well and so did the Captain, Vice Captain and the various leaders: Prefects and Monitors of the Primary Section and Primary classes.

There were a number of parents who were also present for the event and I am sure they were proud of their sons on stage being decorated as a Leader of the Primary School. Indeed we are proud of you my dear parents.

Fr. Rector, Fr. Principal, Fr. Edwin and Mrs. Maria Xavier gave the Leaders their ties and sashes. 

I do thank Mrs. Maria Xavier who saw to the overall planning and execution of the ceremony.
You make us proud my dear Primary Boys!


On Sunday, 01 July 2012 the boarders at St. Dominic Savio had a skit competition in honour of their patron St. Dominic Savio. Each group had to prepare a skit based on the life of the Little Saint. It was wonderful to see the different groups come up with novel ideas re-enacting the stories during the life of Dominic Savio. The Magone group headed by Muttu Jairam won the competition for their innovative idea through song showing one that the system of Don Bosco used in the time of Dominic Savio is so relevant even today for a holistic development of the young.

As a prize the winning team were given the chance to watch the 'Finals of the EURO Cup.' Well done lads of the Magone Team!