On Saturday, 24th March 2012, the Primary School had their Graduation Day for the IV standard students. It was wonderful to see all the youngsters dressed up in their formal Graduation outfits, looking smart and handsome.

It certainly was a Red Letter Day in the Annals of the history of St. Dominic Savio, as this was the first time that we were having a Graduation Celebration in the Primary Section.

It was mainly due to the thinking, planning and execution by the Supervisor, Mrs. Maria Xavier and her Primary Staff who pitched in to make it a grand success.

Fr. Rector, Fr. Principal and Mrs. Maria Xavier gave away the certificates to the youngsters as they came up to the stage.


On Saturday the 17th March the PTA had its final meeting of the year. The Secondary PTA representatives met at 8.30 am while the Primary PTA representatives met at 11.30 am.

Fr. Rector welcomed the gathering and then had a short PPt on Parenting - Helpful tips that was very much appreciated by one and all.

The agenda taken up were the Accounts of the Christmas Fete, the Annual Day program and points for consideration that came up from the parents.

Fr. Crispino informed the Secondary members that there would be coaching classes for those who would be going to the X standard. The coaching classes would be conducted during the month of April.

He also informed the parents that according to the regulations, no boy will be kept back in class but if they have fared badly, they would have remedial classes and would have to attempt and attempt till they cleared the subject.

There were a number of useful suggestions that came up from the parents regards, work sheets, slow learners, children with Learning Disabilities etc.

The meeting was indeed fruitful and there was a nice exchange between the PTA, the staff and the management.

Fr. Crispino thanked all the members for their support and collaboration.


The Salesian Family of the Andheri Unit, the Salesian Cooperators and the Past Pupils had their Lenten Recollection this morning from 09.30 am to 12.30 pm. Fr. Godfrey D'Souza the Delegate of the Cooperators animated the sessions. He had a variety of reflections on the Season of Lent and used a number of apt clippings on Lent for our reflection.

At 11.00 am the Cooperators had their months meeting and discussion and the Past Pupils had a non-formal meeting with those who were present.

At 11.30 there was the Eucharistic celebration and Fr. Godfrey was the main celebrant and animated the mass.

It was the first time that the Cooperators and the Past Pupils were coming together for a recollection and Fr. Godfrey encouraged that we have more common meetings of animation together to help build a better rapport and understanding among the units.

All those who came for the Recollection were happy with the Reflections.


Compere 1: Welcome Welcome!!!

Compere 2: Good morning and a very hearty welcome to our Rev. Fr. Rector, Rev. Fr. Principal, rev Fr. Administrator, Supervisor, Members of teaching faculty and you my dear fellow Savions.

Compere 1: At the dawn of the academic year we took a solemn pledge to achieve our sets targets and aspirations. Every step that we took gave impetus to our progress

Compere 2: And now as the curtain draws near. It is befitting to thank the almighty for allowing us to reach the pinnacle of our dreams successfully


Compere 1: With a firm spirit and gusto our team of leaders guided by their respective house teachers led the school to excellence to motivate their house boys at every step

Compere 2: Dear friends let us reminiscence our achievements of this glorious academic year 2011-2012 as Master Muttu Jayaraman the senior school captain marches forward with his band of leaders for the thanksgiving and handing over ceremony


Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves

Student 2: Having realized this at the very beginning of the year we took a definite step in the right direction by deciding the theme for the year 2011-2012 as “DON BOSCO OUR FATHER AND OUR FOUNDER”.

Student 1: In keeping the theme the Savions took upon themselves to make co-operative efforts with house shouldering a specific responsibility of imbibing values laid down for the house, namely righteousness, sanctity, devotion and dedication. The efforts were by way of:

Student 2: Making students and commoners aware of the preventive system laid down by our father St. Don Bosco. Drawing out the sprit of reason, religion and loving kindness, exhibiting values of obedience, respect sacrifice, service, self belief, prayer and penance through assemblies. Foremost stress was laid on modeling saints rooted in Salesian tradition this turn helped us chisel our temperament and built our character.

Student1: In fact most of the activity revolved around the theme, be it the Christmas panorama or the annual day.

Student2: The green crusades of St.dominic Savio took the initiative of launching campaigns in the school as well as in the neighboring such as ‘green Diwali campaign, eco friendly Ganpati, clean the Mithi, clean Mahakali green Mahakali’ and other eco based theme.

Student1: Taking small but definite steps during the year, towards the cause by developing a garden and nurturing it, preventing the abuse of resources and managing waste.

Student2: The boy of each house actively took part in the activities. A special mention of the outgoing SSC batch, the students of which took part in almost all the activities of the school till the end of the year. We wish them all the best for the future and also that achieve the goals they have set for themselves.
Compere1: The four house prefects will now express their gratitude in prayer to the almighty for the many graces that he showered on our school.


Compere2: We now start with the Rua house Prefect thanking lord for the ‘wisdom and understanding’ we have received.

Rua house prefect: We have studied through which we have got knowledge in academics, sharpening our intellects more importantly we have got education by which we learnt how to live amongst others, how to value the changing times, the culture and society. We have drawn inspiration from the goodness of Blessed Michael Rua our patron and have inculcated the value of obedience.

For this let us thank the lord.
Rua house vice-prefects: We thank you lord for all that we have studied this year. Help us that studying here in itself is a privilege and make most of it. Grace us, which we grow in wisdom, respect to our elders may also mature. Help us study well and make this school proud of our achievements.

Compere2: The Rinaldi house for ‘Discipline’.

Rinaldi house prefect: if not flexible at 5, one become incorrigible even at 50 and that’s where discipline comes at the building stage of life. Whenever there is discipline imposed it is initially a better pill but actually it is for the better. With discipline one can have health, career and character. Above all one can be an example for others. We are sincerely thankful to all those who have contributed in inculcating discipline in us. At the same time we offer thanks to our patron Phillip Rinaldi for blessing us and inspiring, to develop a life of prayer and penance.

Rinaldi house Vice-prefect: Lord, you have given us a mouth to praise your glory and say good thing. We are sorry for those times when we used it wrongly by behaving badly in class, we are sorry for having disobeyed our own teachers and not adhering to the correction given by them. Give us the power not to use our mouth wrongly but use it for your glory. We entreat you to bless us that we may take the shield of prayer every movement of our lives.

Compare 1: The Magone house for ‘activity’.
Magone house prefect: Education is the co-ordination of the head, heart and the hand. Every domain is equally important. A student has to be agile not only in the classroom but on the field as he sprints to strike a goal or as he exhibit his talents in quizzes, singing and dramatics. Here at Dominic Savio, we are privileged to have the best of activities. This movement, we thank our patron little Michael Magone for enkindling in us the fire of self belief. Let us thank the almighty for this grace.

Magone house Vice-prefect: Lord, our hands minds have to be used for your greater glory. We thank you for giving us this co-ordination between physique and brain by which we have been able to carry out all activities, well in this school. we thank you for giving us the help to achieve the best in all fields, and the same time thank for bestowing in us the self confidence we require and a reason to believe in ourselves.

Compare1: The Zatti house for ‘Being Human’.
Zatti house prefect: One can’t bear fruit the heart does not reach out to the needy. A touch of the affected domain can reap gold from dust. We at St.Dominic Savio have reached out in love to other through the poor boys fund collection, the fete collection and many other ways. At the same time we offer thanks to our patron, Blessed Artemide Zatti for the grace of service and sacrifice that bestowed on our house. For this let us pray.
Zatti house vice prefect: Lord, we thank you for helping us to be humane. Thank you for loving guiding us to reach out to our poor fellow students and all those in need. Constantly be with us as we journey through our education process. Teach us to be an able instrument in sharing and reaching out to the needy in loving kindness.

Compare1: mast. Muttu Jayaraman the senior school Vice captain of our school and Sonu Shahuji the junior Captain along with the Vice-captain will now read the address, and hand their office to the Rector of the Institution.

Compare2: The responsibility on behalf of the school house Prefects, monitors both seniors and monitors both seniors and the juniors section will now be handed over by the senior school Vice-captain to the Rector of the Institution.


Compare1: as the leaders leave the centre stage in a special way we would like thank them and pray for them that they may excel in every endeavor that they undertake.

Compare2: The Holy Spirit has worked marvels for us and given us the precious gifts to cherish them and prosper. And also the boys of the junior section will praise the everlasting for all the wonders he has created for us.


Compare1: we now come to the most thrilling, a long awaiting concluding part of the programme that is the Prize distribution ceremony.


Compare2: we request Rev Fr. Crispino D’souza, our principal to announce the results for the best house in studies and discipline in the juniors, inters, and the seniors section.

INTERS: Magone

INTERS: Rinaldi

Compare1: To announce the best house in ‘activities’ we invite Rev.Fr. Administrator to do the honors.


Compare2: the class with ‘the highest poor boys fund collection’ for the seniors and the juniors. May I take the privilege to invite Ms. Vidya, our supervisor of the secondary section.


Compare2: Well, the atmosphere has indeed heated up I can see excitement and jubilation. Hold your breath and let your pulse tick by the count while I invite our dearest Rev. Fr. Godfrey D’souza the Rector of the institution to announce ‘the overall best house that is the Cock house for the year 2011-2012.

Over all best house for the year 2011-2012.

Compare1: now request rev. Fr. Rector to address us and declare the house system closed.


Compare2: mast Rohit Kakade won the 1st place in instrumental competition at Dadar held on 8th & 9th march. I request Fr.Rector to do the honor.

Compare1: I request Rev.Fr.Principal to come and announce a special prestigious award. I also request Rev. Fr. Rector to do the honor for the same.

Compare2: While we are proud to be Savions in an institution of the Don Bosco reputation we do have to acknowledge individual contribution. Rev.Fr.Rector and embodiment of humanism, a counselor, simplicity and personified has always been available to all of us whenever needed.

Compare1: The Principal, Rev.Fr. Crispino, an educationalist who took on the reigns of this institution conceived a vision and even before the closure of this academic year the visions is made a reality. With the many progressive changes in both in academics and sports he has been able to strike a wonderful balance amidst student, teacher and parent

Comp 2: We have crossed a distant mile though the road was uphill yes we shall take long strides for the future, there is indeed much to achieve…… Thank you



Comp 1 : Good morning and a very warm welcome to our Rev. Fr. Rector -Fr. Godfrey D’Souza, Rev. Fr. Principal - Fr. Crispino D’Souza, Supervisor – Mrs. Maria Xavier, teachers, non- teaching staff and you my dear friends. Today we have gathered here to celebrate a very special event i.e. The House Closing Ceremony 2011 –2012.Let us participate in this ceremony with due reverence and attention. To begin with, let us start with a prayer. Kindly join your hands and say Our Father.

Comp 2 : The foundation of our very institution has been laid on the principles and philosophy of St. John Bosco who dared to dream and achieved his mission of moulding the thousands of young minds.

Comp 1 : His preventive system was based on reason, religion and loving kindness. Don Bosco’s legacy is lived today by multitude of salesians all across the world.

Comp 2: Yes! And so its befitting that we dedicated this scholastic year in honour of our father and founder St. John Bosco keeping this very theme in our mind each house looked up for guidance from the disciples of our dear Don Bosco 

Blessed Michael Rua the first successor of St. John Bosco. Motto “Obedience and Respect”.
Blessed Artemide Zatti Motto “Sacrifice and Service to all”.

Comp 1 : GREEN HOUSE Little Michael Magone Motto “Self belief and reason”.
YELLOW HOUSE Blessed Philip Rinaldi a master of Salesian ways and spirituality. Motto “Serenity in prayer”.

Throughout this academic year 2011 –2012. We had numerous activities to keep us going. As we would say all good things come to an end. Today is the grand finale of the closing ceremony of the house system 2011 – 2012.

The prefects of the various houses will now recite the thanksgiving prayer.
( All the leaders will march on the stage)
1. Thanksgiving Prayer For Studies – (Red House Prefect)

Thank you for helping me Lord, to have the desire to learn and for making it easy for me to understand what I studied and retain what I learnt. Thank you for giving me the power to concentrate and complete my assignments efficiently and also for making me a person capable of contributing my little bit to build a better (world).

2. Thanksgiving Prayer for Discipline – (Blue House Prefect)

Thank you Lord for helping me to understand , that prayer is a means of being united to you the greatest power. Thank you for giving me a grateful heart that I may never give up thanking and praising you every moment of my life and also for giving me the additional inspiration that make things work. May my prayer help me to be well- disciplined.

3. Thanksging Prayer for Activities – (Green House Prefect)

Lord I thank you that school has come to an end, and soon we will have our holidays. So Refresh, relax our minds with lovely things to do. Sleep and rest may the tensions disappear. May all be wholesome, joyous with no fear – pictures and stories and strength giving games, Outings with friends and interesting hobbies, Funful and free, be sporting and helpful. At home, and outside always be joyful.

4. Thanksgiving Prayer For Management – (Yellow House Prefect)

Thank you for this school, St. Dominic Savio, which build us up academically and morally. Thank you for the dynamic leadership in Rev. Fr. Rector – Godfrey D’Souza , Our powerful Principal Rev. Fr. Crispino D’Souza, our administrator Rev. Fr. Edwin Colaco our Counsellor Rev. Fr. Bosco Pereira and Rev. Fr. Barnabee, our Supervisor – Mrs. Maria Xavier. Lord bless them with good health of mind and body. Thanks to all the teachers who keep helping us and moulding our lives. We also thank God for making us strong so that we can face the future with better challenges to come our way. 

Comp 2 :. We now have the School Captain who will hand over the responsibilities to Rev. Fr. Principal.
( School Captain/ Vice-Captain will march down the stage)

6. We now have some boys singing a song – 
Wind Beneath My Wings.

1. It must have been cold there in my shadow.
to never have sunlight on your face
You were content to let me shine.that’s your way
You always walked a step behind
So I was the one with all the glory.
While you were the one with all the strength
A beautiful face without a name for so long.
Abeautiful smile to hide the pain.

CH. Did you ever know that you ‘re my hero.
And everything I would like to be.
I can fly higher than an eagle.
Cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

2. It might have appeared to go unnoticed
but I’ve got it all here in my heart.
I want you to know, Iknow the truth of course I know it.
I would be nothing without you

The prize distribution ceremony
Comp 2 :. We will now have the prize distribution ceremony. I request Fr. Rector along with our Supervisor to come and do the honours. 

I also request Sir Dayanand Shetty declare the winner for (The Best House in Studies). 

I now request the house teacher to come along with the leader on the stage.

Comp 1 : I now request Sir Balkrishna Kadam to declare the winner . ( The Best House in Co-Curricular Activities). 
I now request the house teacher to come along with the leader on the stage.

Comp 2 : I now request Mrs. Sandra Misquitta to declare the winner for (The Best Class in Discipline). 
I now request the class teacher to come along with the monitor on the stage. 

Comp 1 :. I now request Mrs. Sujata Kudtarkar to declare the winner for (The Deserving Boys fund).
I now request the class teacher to come along with the monitor on the stage.


Comp 2 :. I now request our Principal Rev. Fr. Crispino D’Souza to declare the winner for 
(Overall Champion House of the Primary Section 2011 –2012).
I now request the house teacher to come along with the leader on the stage.

I also request our administrator Rev. Fr. Edwin Colasco to give away the certificates to our U8 footbaall team who stood third and made our school proud and the relay boys 

Comp 1 : I now request Rev. Fr. Rector to address us and to declare the House System 
2011-2012 close.

Comp 2 :. I now request Master Alvin Mascarenhas to give the vote of thanks.


We the students know that you our dear teacher were always there doing your best. You may not think of these little things everyday, but as the year has gone by we know deep down in our hearts that they really meant a lot to all of us. All your good deeds have brighten up each day as they remind us that someone cared. Your loving deeds remind us, how nice it was to have some one who was as a good as you. These very things you have done have touched our hearts. And so I stand here before you to thank you for being so 
helpful without expecting much in return. Your kind gesture have truly made a lot of difference. Your presence this academic year has helped us grow, for we knew if we needed a shoulder to lean on you were there. For all the kindness shown to us dear Rev. Fr. Rector, Rev, Fr. Principal, Rev. Fr. Administrator, Supervisor and you my dear teachers. Guidance that’s beyond the ordinary. Nothing in life is beyond reach, with Teachers like all of You. We just want to say thank you. Thank you so much, once again and God Bless You all always.

Comp 1 : CONCLUDE :As we conclude let us take the spirit of Don Bosco in our souls and make it a guiding light which will shine and radiate through us and around us.

Not only in our school, classrooms but in our neighbourhood, our families and in our surroundings

Comp 2 : Boys please stand at attention for the school anthem


The students of Std. IV went for their educational trip to Mumbai Darshan on 3rd March 2012.
They went side seeing the following places by bus

1. Domestic Airport
2. Mahim Church
3. Worli- Nehru Planetorium / Science Centre

4. Haji Ali
5. Mahalakshmi Race Course
6. Girgaon Chowpatty
7. Marine Drive
8. Rajabia Tower
9. Jehangir Art Gallery
10. Gateway of India

11. Taj Mahal Hotel
12. Bandra Sea-link
13. Mahakali Caves

14. Chhatrapati Shivjai Museum

15. Siddhivinayak Temple
16. 5 gardens
17. Taraporewala Aquarium

They halted at the Chhatrapati Shivaji museum and saw tha Natural History section, they saw stuffed animals and the various historical weapons used , the boys were given a puzzle sheet at the venue

On the way back home they drove back through the Worli Sea-link and also visited the Mahakali Caves which was dark and freaky but the view of the city looked like toys when the kids stood on the high mountains

. They were back in School by 1.00 p.m.. It was a wonderful learning experience.

Thanks to Mrs. Marina Corda,Mrs. Andrea Gonsalves along with Sir Balakrishan Kadama and few class parents who escorted them.