St. Dominic Savio High School had a mass for all the Catholic students from standard V to VIII as we celebrated Vocation Day in the school. Our new priest, Fr. Oscar Tuscano, who was ordained on the 29th December in Nandakal, Vasai Diocese, is a missionary in Albania. He just finished his theological studies in Rome and will be going back to continue his work in Albania. St. Mother Teresa is from Albania and though Fr. Rector asked the students what is Albania famous for they did did not say Mother Teresa.
Fr. Oscar Tuscano flanked on the left by Fr. Rector and on the right by Fr. Godfrey D'Sa

In his homily he spoke about a call and referred to the first reading which spoke of the call of Samuel the prophet and then Jesus choosing his disciples in the gospel. He encouraged the youngsters to listen to God's call and to respond to the call like Samuel.

During the homily

After the mass he gave a brief history of his call to the students and informed them of his work in Albania working in oratories and technical schools. 
At the elevation 

Fr. Oscar comes from a family that has many priests some of whom are his uncles and aunts and his own brother is also a Pallotine priest who was ordained last year.

Speaking to the students after mass

Fr. Oscar speaking in Italian & Albania for the youngsters