The catholic students had a beautifully animated mass with excellent singing and an offertory procession and the students of the other faiths had a prayer service in the school AV hall with Fr. Crispino being present with them. There were a number of past-pupils who also came in for the mass and the prayer service.

The theme for the mass was ‘Take my Five loaves & two fish’ and the Rector touched on the smallness of Dominic Savio who was big enough to give his entire life to God to be a saint. Pope Pius titled Dominic Savio, ‘the Little Giant.’

The teachers were invited for a festive lunch and the pre-primary staff prepared some very entertaining games that had us splitting with laughter. They organized the balloon game, the ribbons game in a variety of ways. 

Fr. Rector said a few words and wished one and all a very happy feast.

While a sumptuous lunch was spread by Fr. Edwin and his team, each staff member went away with a little booklet on the life of St. Dominic Savio as a memento.

Thank you teachers for your dedication and sacrifice! God bless you all!

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