On Saturday 16th April the NBA organized a Juniors 8 years to 12 years selection session on St. Dominic Savio Basketball courts. There was a large number of youngsters who participated in the event. Those selected would be from the National level and would then have a chance to go to the USA to see an NBA basketball game all financed by the NBA. We wish all the youngsters the Best of Luck!


The Cricket players

The Savio Summer Camp Session I is nearly coming to an end. The various disciplines that the youngsters have participated in are Football; Cricket; Basketball; Athletics and hobbies such as Drawing, Skating, Judo/Karate. There are around a thousand youngsters on the field on a daily basis starting from 8.00 am to 8.00pm. The Second Camp begins on the 2nd May Anyone interested may contact Mr. Dayanand Shetty. ENJOY!

cricket indeed after the IPL spirit

The Skaters in the School Hall

The Picaso's of tomorrow

Practice makes perfect for the Footballers

Basketball too has many takers

The self-defense group