On Sunday the 14th July we had a visit from our friends from Kuwait. Sixteen youngsters together with Fr. Francis Kharjia the Manager of our School in Kuwait with three cooperators were visiting a number of our institutions in the Mumbai Province. These youngsters are all residing in Kuwait and some of them are going to our school while others are from other schools in Kuwait. There were from five parishes and expressed a desire to know about the Salesians and their works.

They were welcomed with a good cup of tea and some snacks and soon were keen on playing football with the boarders on the astro-turf. They lost by a small margin with the boarders.

A little later in the evening after their bath and wash, the boarders put up a short program for them reading out an address to welcome them, sang a couple of songs and danced to the tunes of Bollywood.

A couple of musicians from them also entertained our boys with a couple of numbers. There was a lovely blend among the youngsters and friendships were formed at once.

In the evening at night prayer, Fr. Francis said a few word to the boarders. He thanked one and all for the nice time given to the youngsters from Kuwait.


On Friday the 12th July, Fr. Rector together with the Secondary Supervisor went around all the classrooms of the three sections to inspect the Display Boards in the classrooms. This was one of the points suggested by the Adhyayan team to get the students and teachers involved in being more creative and put up displays of relevant topics that are discussed in class.

There was a real display of colour, creative ideas and relevant topics. The students even answered some questions that were thrown to them from time to time in the various classes.

The work that you see displayed on the boards speak for themselves.
Congratulations to the Supervisors, Teachers and students who were involved in this project.


This morning at 10.15 we had the Inauguration of the House System of the Primary Section. The program was well done by the teachers and beautifully presented by the little ones.

It was so good to listen and see the young men do their part so well and with perfect diction. The Captains, Vice Captains and Monitors took their oath to be true and faithful leaders of the Primary Section.

The Leaders were draped with the sash and their respective ties.
Fr. Rector encouraged them to be good leaders and in case of any doubt or problem to consult their house teachers and class teachers who would guide them and help them in their effort to be leaders.

We thank the Supervisor Mrs. Maria Xavier and all the teachers who took great pains in making this ceremony a grand success.


Yesterday the 6th July, we celebrated St. Dominic Savio's Feast. In the evening at 6.45 we had the special installation ceremony of the Leaders of the Boarding in a very short but beautiful ceremony.

The ceremony was organized by Bro. Michael, Bro. Daniel and Sir Haydn. This year we are trying out the Dominic Savio Boys Parliament working on the model of Fr. Flanagan's Boys Town that he started way back in the early 90' We hope to build leaders who will be able to make decisions and plan for themselves in all the events of the boarding.

After the ceremony, the boys went for a well deserve buffet meal and had to their heart's content. There was a smile on every one's face. After the dinner the boys had a movie that kept them on the edge of their seat till they went to bed and said 'sweet dreams.'

Thanks to all our dear benefactors who made this day special for all of us.
God bless you!


Today we celebrate the feast of St. Dominic Savio in school. Most of the students came for either the Holy Eucharist which was for catholic boys and a prayer service for boys of other faiths.

In both places examples from the life of Dominic Savio were narrated to help identify and live like St. Dominic Savio.

Fr. Crispino preached on Dominic Savio and mentioned how Dominic tried had to be a saint, first by doing things wrongly and Don Bosco showed him how to be a saint of cheerfulness and joy.

During the mass Fr. Rector was also felicitated on his appointment as Provincial and will take up office in October.

Mrs. Vidhya was with the other boys in the AV Hall on the first floor.

After service and mass the boys were given some snacks while the teachers had something too.

We take this opportunity to wish all our Teachers, Non-teaching staff, Cooperators, Past Pupils, Benefactors, Students, Parents and well wishers a Very Happy Feast of St. Dominic Savio. As anssurance of our prayers for your intentions.

God bless!


Today Wednesday, the 3rd July 2013, the Secondary Section had their Dominic Savio Quiz competition. The quiz for the seniors was organized by Bro. Michael and Miss Arlene.

It was indeed wonderful to see the youngsters answer the questions thrown to them with ease and passion having studies the answers well.

There was a stiff competition between the teams especially the first to teams.

The Green House came first with 827 points
The Red House came second with 797 points
The Yellow House came third with 574 points and
The Blue House came fourth with 464 points.

We have not yet received the results of the Junior Section.

We thank the organizers of the Quiz Competition for having done a fantastic job.