Story telling competition was organized for the Primary section by Mrs Mary Dsouza for the students of Std I/II 

The Judges were Mrs Sharon Gupta and Mrs Svetlana D’Souza and Mrs Andrea Gonsalves for the Students Std III/IV

The Judges were Mrs. Metrona Coutinho and Mrs. Reena Bordia
The children narrated their stories with expression, clear pronunciation, clarity and voice modulation were the criteria for which they were judged

The winners were 
Std I 
I Meet Bhad
II Eldrige Fernandes
III Nishant Autade
Consolation 1 Kresden Pinto
                 2 Rahul Chindarkar

I Duane D’souza
II Yohan D’souza
III Ankit Maity and Emanuel Miranda
Consolation 1 Sholk Parab
                 2 Arjun Shetty
I Alan George
II Mannchet Singh
III Cloyster D’souza
Consolation 1 Ethaan Nunes
                 2 Marc Fernandes and Harsh Uchil

Std IV
I Alvin Mascarenhas
II Steve Pellisery
III Tanish Tambe
Consolation 1 Siddhesh Navghare
                 2 Siddhesh Shivekar


14 th Jan KITE FLYING DAY : 

Students of Std I to IV went out on the grounds to fly kites along with their teachers. The boys were even more delighted to see Rev Fr. Godfrey D’souza (Rector)helping them to fly their kites.

Students of Std I were in their class colouring worksheets on kite flying
Some boys shared sweets on the eve of the festival 'MAKAR SANKRANRI'


The Novena to St. John Bosco begins today Sunday the 22nd January.

The mass during the novena days will be at 07.00 pm at the St. Dominic Savio School Chapel. All are welcome to join in the novena in preparation for the feast day of St. John Bosco which falls on Tuesday, 31st January.

The themes for the Novena are:

22 January Sunday (Blessed Laura Vicuna) 
Theme: Love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.
Celebrant: Fr. Rector 

23 January Monday
Theme: Devotion to Our Lady
Celebrant: Fr. Rector 

24 January Tuesday (Feast of St. Francis de Sales-Patron of the Salesians)
Theme: St. Francis de Sales 
Celebrant: Fr. Crispino D'Souza 

25 January Wednesday (Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul)
Theme Healing Ministry
Celebrant: Fr. Edwin Colaco 

26 January Thursday (Republic Day)
Theme: Salesian Priests, Brothers & Sisters
Celebrant: Fr. Barnabe D'Souza 

27 January Friday
Theme: Missionaries
Celebrant: Fr. Bosco Pereira 

28 January Saturday (Animated by Salesian Cooperators)
Theme: Don Bosco & Salesian Cooperators
Celebrant: Fr. Rector 

29 January Sunday (Animated by Past Pupils)
Theme: Don Bosco & Past Pupils
Celebrant: Fr. Wilfred D'Souza 

30 January Monday
Theme: Young People
Celebrant: Fr. Crispino D'Souza 

Feast Day mass will be with the school children at 08.15 am on Tuesday the 31 January.
The main celebrant for the feast day Eucharist is Fr. Edwin Colaco.


On Saturday the 21st January the boarders treated themselves to a Campfire and had the time of their lives shouting yells, claps, action songs and skits. The heart and soul of the program was Bro. Royston who conducted the event flawlessly and saw to every detail so that the kids had a great time.

Thank you Bro. Royston for the various programs you have organized each Saturday and Sunday for the boarders.