The students of the Primary Section with their head teacher and their class teachers went for a picnic to Paradise Fun Land, Bhiwandi . 

The students reported at 7am and at the beginning of the journey were served chips in the bus .At the resort were welcomed by a mascot-Doremon. As soon as they finished breakfast they could not wait to check the place and moved about the entire resort . 

Some enjoyed at the amusement park in the train ride, the boat ride while some had fun in the pool at the rain dance, the water slides. A few children had fun on the trampoline or played football with their coach After a delicious lunch the children were gathered for a magic and mimicry show while they were having a blast and being entertained, they were served popcorn and candy floss and taken to the amusement park again for rides. 

They also had a pleasure watching their teachers enjoying the rides and saw how their teachers can be kids like them too As they left the resort with sweet memories they were served Ice cream. Heartfelt thanks to my primary teachers for their selfless work and making the picnic another happening day in their students life Congratulation’s Teachers for a successful and a happy day for our boys


This morning the Primary Section organized Grand Parents Day.

About 250 grandparents came for the program and were kept tapping their feet to the music and singing of their grandchildren.

It was indeed a beautiful sight to see grandparents ranging from 60 to perhaps 80 sitting and being entertained by their grandchildren in school.

The lads a couple of poems and verses on grandparents that truly came from their heart, expressing the blessing of having grandparents in their lives.

The four houses dressed in their colours sang some songs from the 1970s singing Blue Suede shoes; Tie a Yellow Ribbon; Red River Valley & Green Door. We thank Sir Elvis and the House Teachers for training the students to sing so beautifully.

The Winners for the group singing were:
First Place to The Blue House
Second Place to the Yellow House.
The other houses got the consolation prizes.

After the singing the children went to their classes while there were a few games organized for the grandparents. After the items some of them who were ready to climb to the second floor were invited to see the boards of their grandchildren and interact with them in class.

Grandparents sharing their experience at the school

It was indeed a beautiful idea and we do hope we have many more interactions.

Thank you Grandparents for making it to your grandchild's school program.


On Thursday, 22nd & Friday 23rd February we had the 7th Savio Hoop Basket Ball Tournament with a number of school teams participating from both the boys & the girls schools.

Below kindly find the photographs of the tournament taken on the second day.

The list of winners will be announced a little later.

Fr. Edwin Colaco the Administrator, gave away the prizes to the winners at a small ceremony at about 7.15 pm.

The enthusiasm of the youngsters and sports men and women was indeed encouraging and rewarding. We do hope many more schools will participate and encourage youngsters to come forward to make good use of their time and their talent.


This morning we had Parents Day for our boarders and a number of parents came for the celebration.

The boys put up a number of items and the parents were indeed delighted to see their children perform so well. There were some songs, dances, an address for the parents thanking them and appreciating them for their love and support.

The boys composed their own lyrics for the songs and sang them with a passion for their parents.

There was a short break for some snacks and then they resumed the entertainment with some songs from the DS Rockers.

Joseph Gomes and Ryan Fernandes composed their songs and sang it with rhythm and style swaying to the music and the beat.

Mrs. Colaco the mother of Raphael came forward at the end of the program and thanked the Fathers and brothers with Sir Haydn and the Benefactors for the lovely time they had. She told the parents that she was indeed happy that her sons and the others had such an opportunity to learn so much under the Salesians at Dominic Savio's.

All good things come to an end and so did this lovely day. The parents were then taken to the refectory and a good lunch was provided.

God bless one and all for making this day beautiful.