The students of the Secondary had their singing and instrumental competitions this morning after the school break. The Seniors were made up of the VIII, IX & X standards while the Juniors were made up of the V, VI & VII standards. 

The participants of both sections did excellently well and one could not but see budding artists and singers giving music a swinging time with their beautiful rendition of song by singing in a melodious voice or playing either the keyboard or guitar for the instrumentals. 

Congratulations to you musicians and we wish you all the best. The judges certainly had a hard time making a decision as to who was the best. They were all excellent and good. Please stay tuned for the winners. It will be announced in a couple of days.

Fr. Rector congratulated and thanked all the participants for coming up on stage and performing in front of the school. He said it required courage to be up and perform. He also said that in a Don Bosco house, just as air is to the body, music is to the soul and that in many places music is used as a therapy for a lot of healing and wellness.