On Thursday the 9 August 2012 the boarders began their architectural designing on the model grotto competition they had. The four groups came out with wonderful ideas.

Thanks to Br. Michael who gave them clear instructions on what had to be done and accomplished.

May the Marian month help each one of us to get closer to God


Yesterday morning the boarders of Dominic Savio had a Marian Pilgrimage from the grotto of our Lady at DS to the grotto at the Parish compound. The boys on reaching the parish grotto said the rosary and prayed for all our benefactors, frien
ds, well wishers and all those who asked for prayers.

After the rosary they went into the church for a few moments of personal prayer accompanied by Br. Michael and Sir Haydn.

It was indeed a prayerful experience that helped to lift their hearts to God through the Virgin Mary.


Very few seem to like Maths and run away when they have to face a math problem. Does not seem so with these VI standard lads who have been working on their Maths Activity class and enjoying it too.

Well done Mathematicians you certainly will be counted!
Kudos to the Maths teacher Miss Renilda.


This morning our little champs of the Primary spent time managing waste paper and turning out stuff one would marvel at, from Waste to GOLD!

Congrats little ones, you have certainly shown us the way that with a little effort all things can be recycled and recreated in something beautiful.

Well done the Supervisor and Teachers for this innovative and creative idea.


St Dominic Savio High School

Parents Day Card Making Competition
Today on the eve of Parents Day the students of STD I-IV made beautiful cards to express their love and appreciation for their parents

A poem to all you lovely Parents

You are both special in every way,
Encouraging me more and more each passing day.
You both are the reason why I’m so strong
Without you two a helm not a thing could go wrong.
You both helped me through many trials & tribulations,
You made things better in every situation.
both for always being there,
and showing me that you truly care.
Words cannot explain how I feel today,
But I hope you know that I truly Love you TOOOOOOO!

Results of the competition will be declared on Friday


'Unto us a babe is born.' Yesterday we celebrated the Birthday of Fr. Bosco Pereira. It was indeed a grand celebration for a grand person.

The liturgy in the evening was well animated by the boys and the singing was angelic. After the Eucharist we had a short but sweet entertainment, Salesian style with song and dance and fun. The Evening Study girls also put up a dance.

Fr. Bosco said a few words in appreciation to thank the boys and all who had made it nice for him.

A good number of Salesians, family and close friends had come for dinner to make the night special.

Thank you Fr. Bosco for being SPECIAL! God bless


This morning the X B had their Assembly and they took as their theme for the assembly, Youth Patriotism-Values-Drugs. 

The script covered young Indian men who fought for the freedom struggle, such as: Chandrasekhar Azad, Shivram Guru and Bhagat Singh. 

They also used a number of clippings to speak about corruption that going on in high circles and innocent lives are lost and no proper investigation made.

Fr. Rector in his speech congratulated the class for having placed before something to think about. He said, 'A hero is a person who gives or has given his life for something greater then himself.'
He also quoted scripture saying that 'those who live by the sword die by the sword'.

He gave examples of young people who risked their lives for another in the city of Mumbai and at the same time he read out from the papers how some youngsters have no value for life, either their own or that of another.

As Youngsters we need to respect and care for life, our own as well as that of other.