The 5th April was a great day as the school celebrated the Birthday of Fr. Crispino D'Souza the Principal of St. Dominic Savio. The Pre-Primary students and staff had a celebration with the cutting of the cake at 9.00 am. The tiny tots sang the Happy Birthday song and presented him with flowers. The children were delighted to wish their Principal. The Primary section students went to wish Fr Crispino after their exams. They once again wished him and cut a cake in his honour. It was indeed a very happy moment for all to celebrate the gift of Life and the gift of Fr. Crispino as their Principal to the school. Fr. Crispino was very happy with the many wishes and greetings that he received on his birthday. We continue to pray for him and for his good health.

The Pre-Primary children

With the staff and the children
Fr. Crispino cutting the Birthday cake

With the staff of the Pre-Primary

The Primary children wishing the Principal

Cutting the cake with two Birthday boys

The school staff wishes Fr. Crispino at 11.30

At 7.00 pm we had a celebration for Fr. Crispino by the boarders and the Evening Study Class children (ESC). There was a variety of items that were put up by the two groups to thank Fr. Crispino for all that he is to the boarders and all that he does for the ESC. This year the ESC children were very happy to have the fortune to learn computers in the school computer lab as Fr. Crispino opened it out to them and they are delighted to be able to learn the computers. It was indeed a wonderful celebration for a wonderful person. God Bless Fr. Crispino.

A dance by the boarders

The address read by Nigel Rodrigues

The children of the night school
The children of the night school
Cutting the Birthday cake

A skit by the boarders

Fr. Crispino saying thanks for all that has been

An ESC students reading out the address in Hindi

A dance by the IV & V students of the ESC

The community celebrating the Birthday