This morning the X A had their Assembly and had as its theme: ‘YOUth Media & Entertainment.’ The teacher, Miss Arlene Cardozo and her students prepared a beautiful script on the theme touching various aspects of Media & Entertainment: Influence by Movies; Influence by Music; Influence by Video Games; Influence by Social Networking (Face Book, Twitter, SMS, MMS etc); Influence by New Media.

The students used an idea from ‘Youth Patrol’ to bring out the message they had prepared. Congratulations to the students who painstakingly prepared the script and together with the script the video presentation.

The students prepared a video show with various clips that was relevant to us youngsters showing us how Media & Entertainment can influence us for the good or for the bad. The choice is ours and sometimes we are just carried away and are not aware of the consequences or the dangers that we place ourselves in.

Sharing on Movies they showed how movies could affect the young unconsciously and had an example of Sunil who seemed to have lost his respect for his dad, to the extent that his dad lost his temper and slapped him for being disrespectful.

Sharing on Music, they showed that though music is a good source of entertainment, it uses vulgar and abusive language in the lyrics. Some songs even go against people’s sentiments and religion thus hurting sentiments and feelings.

Touching on Video Games they portrayed how these games take one’s mind to an unrealistic, imaginative and virtual world and excess leads to addiction and hallucination.

Social networking sites act as an impetus to sharing and accepting content such as malicious websites and other such illegal distribution of unwanted matter.

It was a variety of song, dance and screen play to portray the theme. The students watching the show did really enjoy it as it carried a powerful message and was humorous too.

We would like to congratulate the students of X A and the teacher for placing before us a lot of food for thought.

The Compere ended by telling us that our minds are like clay, open to impressions until the final moulding. It is up to us to decide and choose the right thing in life.

Fr. Rector in his talk to the students stressed on our lives being like a field and just as a farmer reaps what he has sown in the field our lives too reap what we have sown. If we have sown seeds of goodness, kindness, compassion, generosity we will reap those fruits. If we have sown hatred, bad habits and abusive language etc we will reap just such bad fruits.

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