The Primary Section, RED HOUSE had their Assembly this morning at 09.30 am. The theme for this morning was: Unity in Strength.

There was the garlanding of the picture of Tilak and the lighting of the lamp followed by a classroom discussion on Tilak, when he was born, what did he stand for and what he did for India.

The little boys sang one of their poems on Tilak that Sir Elvis put music to and did very well.

At a later stage there was the distribution of the prizes for students who participated in the Savio Quiz for the III & IV standards and a colouring competition for the I & II standards.

It was good to see so many of the kids coming up on stage to take their prizes away.

Fr. Rector in his talk told them about the them:Unity in Strength and how an elderly dad who was on his death bed got his quarreling sons together and told them that if they stayed united there would be nothing that would be able to destroy them.

We thank the boys of the RED HOUSE for the Assembly and together with them the teachers who trained them so well.

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