This morning, Wednesday 7th September 2011, was the day of the Yellow House, who has as its Patron Blessed Phillip Rinaldi, the third successor of St. John Bosco. The theme of the assembly was 'Serenity in Prayer' and a number of incidents in the life of Don Bosco were enacted to show how Don Bosco had a great trust in Divine Providence even in very dire moments. He always asked his boys to pray and he was confident that God would answer his prayers and God did.

He inculcated in his boys to build on a relationship with God as God was not there to spoil their plans but to help them fulfill and give them life to the fullest.

Fr. Rector, in his talk told the boys that Don Bosco based his Educational Methodology on three pillars: Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness. Religion was not to be the following of rituals but building a RELATIONSHIP with God as we have with friends and loved ones. As human beings we need relationships and we build and grow in relationships. We need to have a strong and good relationship with God too, and when we have that we have, like Don Bosco, nothing to fear as God will be with us at all times.

After the Rectors speech some of the prizes for the week were distributed to the students who won them.


This morning, the 6th September 2011, the Pre Primary tiny tots had their Teachers Day Celebrations in their class room. It was so lovely to see them dressed up to cheer their teachers and express their gratitude. The little things they did and said was indeed wonderful and every teacher in the Kindergarten had a smile and a tear. Thank you little sweethearts God bless you. Thank you parents for helping out and being there with them.


The Teachers Day Celebrations went on till late evening. The last of the celebrations were by the Evening Study Classes Children who felicitated their teachers with song, dance and expressive words of thanks and appreciation. On a regular basis we have 250 children and youngsters enrolled from our neighbourhood and from the bastis. They come in every day for tuition beginning with some recreation from 5 to 6 pm and then to study till 8.30 pm. There are seven teachers who are with them and help them in their daily studies. In the past couple of years those who appeared for the SSLC examinations did very well and most secured over 80% with some securing even above 90%. Thank you dear Teachers for helping out these youngsters.

At the end of the programme Fr. Edwin who is in charge of the Evening Study programme said a few words of appreciation to the teachers and asked the children to say something nice about each of the teachers. Some of them in their own simple way expressed their appreciation for the time given by these teachers.

At the end of the programme the children went to their classrooms and some sweets were distributed to all.


On the 5th September 2011 at 6.00 pm the Boarders had an evening with the Teachers who spend a lot of time with them coaching them in Maths, Hindi, Music, choir etc. They put up a number of items to express their love and gratitude and thanks for the precious time spent. An address of thanks and appreciation was read out by Master Leon D'Souza and Mr. Haydn Dias said the vote of thanks on behalf of the teachers. The last item on the programme was the DS Rockers who sang a couple of pop songs and ended with 21 Guns. It was indeed an exciting evening.

A section of our boarders at the programme
Our beloved dedicated teachers
The seniors with their item
The juniors giving their dance

Sir Haydn Dias giving the vote of thanks on behalf of the teachers


ON the 5th September 2011 the Teachers Day Celebrations of the Secondary Section began in the morning with the class teachers and a subject teacher going to class. The students gave a short programme for the teachers and thanked them for their valuable time and energy they spend for the students. Many of the classes prepared a beautiful power-point and expressed their appreciation and gratitude.

After the programme in the classes, there was mass for the catholic students and all the other students went to the A.V. Hall for a prayer service.

The boys singing you are the wind beneath my wings

At about 10.45 am the students assembled in the School hall for the Teachers' programme. The students put in a lot of effort to get themselves organized and planned for many weeks. There were some dances and songs that were put up that expressed the care and concern of the teachers. The school Captain read an address to the teachers. It was indeed very touching and apt for the occasion. took his thoughts from the speech of Taylor Mali on 'What do Teachers make?'

Be honest with yourself – what do you make as a teacher?

Do you know what I make?
I make kids work harder than they ever thought they could.
I make a C+ feel like a congressional medal of honour and
I can make an A- feel like a slap in the face –
how dare you waste my time with anything less than your very best.

You want to know what I make?
I make kids sit through 30 minutes of study in absolute silence
No, you may not work in groups
No, you cannot ask me a question so put your hand down
Why would I let you go to the bathroom, why,
because you are bored and you don’t really have to go – do you?

I make parents tremble when I ask them to meet me because I just wanted to talk to them about what
their son said in school the other day.
I make parents see their children for what they are and who they can be.

You know what I make?
I make kids wonder
I make kids question
I make them criticize
I make them apologize and mean it
I make them read, I make them spell – definitely maybe, definitely maybe…
Until they will never misspell either one of these words again.

I make them realize that if you got this (hand on the head) then you follow this (hand on the heart)

Let no one ever try to judge you on what you make

Teachers make a great Difference to the world


After the programme the teachers had a good lunch in the boarding section after which some of them went for Bodyguard to entertain themselves.

It was indeed a beautiful day and all good things come to an end.


The Primary students had their Teachers' Day celebrations at 8.15 am on the 5th September 2011. They gave a rousing applause at the beginning to welcome the dignitaries.

The programme was well planned and credit goes to the Supervisor who got the help of a number of parents and involved them in preparing the programme for the teachers.

Once again thanks to all the parents who were very involved in making this Teachers' Day a grand success for the Primary Kids. Thanks to Mr. Titus Remedios the President of the Primary PTA for compering the show. God bless you all and all our wonderful Teachers. Our kids did a fantastic job in appreciating and thanking their teachers.

The teachers were indeed very delighted with the programme and for all the wishes and cards and love they received from their students. It was a day of appreciation and thanks and they deserved it for all the hard work they put in for the sake of the kids.


The IX A students had their Assembly Day on Monday the 29th August 2011. The theme for the same was Rays of Hope. They had a little skit on the life of Don Bosco meeting Bartholomew Garelli who came to the sacristy to serve mass and was chased away by the sacristan as he did not know how to serve mass. Don Bosco called for Garelli and began his mission with Garelli for boys. He began with a small prayer. Thus giving hope and sunshine to millions of youngsters.

The skit

Don Bosco giving a ray of Hope

At the end of the programme there were a couple of prizes given away to the students for various activities that they participated in and did well.