Today the 17 July 2012 the students of Standard IV A & B celebrated 'FOOD DAY' It was related to their Science lesson "Food." The children learnt the various constituents of food and the various points to remember while preparing a meal along with the importance of eating some raw vegetables.

They enjoyed the salad song and exchanged the various food items sharing with one another. 

Some of what they had to bring was:
Steamed food; sprouted food; chapati & vegetables; bread items and Pulao.

All this was due to the planning of the two class teachers: Mis Andrea & Miss Soumya

It certainly was delicious! Wonder who prepared the dishes.



On Saturday 14th July 2012 the boarders had an ‘INDOOR TOURNAMENT’ organized by Br. Michael. The indoor tournament included games such as, caroms, chess, table-tennis.

The boys were all ready and geared up to play with one another and score points for their teams.

The whole venue was well arranged by Br. Michael and his team of volunteers. The Salesians together with Sir Haydn were all around seeing to the smooth running of the tournament.

One could hear the yells and shouts of those who won after the signal went off with the bell. Being new to the game and the system the lads took a little time to figure out where they had to move but were assisted by the organizers and Br. Michael who calmly told them their next place.

Well done lads, you sure had a great time and thanks to Bro. Michael, Fr. Crispino and Sir Haydn for organizing the tournament.

We look forward to the Marian Month beginning 16th July for more exciting moments.