Today Wednesday, the 16th November 2011, the Green House had its turn for the School Assembly.and had as its theme: Reason and self-belief. 

The House teachers, Miss Valerie and Miss Renilda trained the boys well and they placed before all the students the example of General Michael Magone a student of Don Bosco who seemed restless until he met Don Bosco and shared his difficulties and problems. The programme was filled with song and dance that brought out the theme well.

Fr. Rector in his talk to the students shared with them the story of a young lad Julio who had a desire to be a great footballer and goalkeeper for 'Real Madrid.' He was selected as a goalkeeper for the team and one evening in 1963 he went out with his friends to party and met with an accident at 20. He had to give up his dream. He did not get discouraged, though he was very sad and depressed. He took to writing poems and song and when he entered the first singing competition he won the first prize. The song he sand was 'Life goes on the same.' A footballer turned singer who became one of the ten greatest singers and sold 300 million copies of his album: Him name is Julio Iglesias.


Miss Valerie Mascarenhas the MC for the the Childrens Day programme was indeed fantastic getting the children and students to enjoy every moment of the programme.

The Secondary Teachers put up a beautiful song with a theme and vision helping the students to make right choices and good decisions.

The Pre-Primary staff also sang a song for the students and the Primary danced to Senorita adding flare and beauty with their steps and dress. Mr. Rajkumar one of the parents, a TV personality and a mimicry artist gave a side splitting show with his mimicry and had the students and staff holding their sides with laughter.

It was a day to remember and Fr. Rector at the concluding words asked the youngsters to thank their parents for giving them their childhood as many children miss out on being children as they are caught up in child labour, child abuse and do not know the beauty and benefit of being children.