We at St. Dominic Savio High School celebrated the Feast of St. John Bosco this morning with the Eucharistic celebration at 09.00 AM for all the Catholic students, staff, Past Pupils, Cooperators, Benefactors and Friends of Don Bosco.

Fr. Barnabe D'Souza, Director of Don Bosco Balprafulta was the main celebrant and took salient features from the life of Don Bosco to show that he was an ordinary man who worked hard to make things possible and do things in an extraordinary way for poor and abandoned youngsters.

The backdrop was well decorated by Miss Swati Furtado, the flower arrangements by Miss Helen Fernandes, the liturgy by Miss Lianne Barretto, the singing and music by Mr. Haydn Dias and the boarders. The photography by Sir Dayanand.

There were a number of Cooperators, Past Pupils, Benefactors and parents who were present for the Eucharist.

After the gospel the boarders put up an action song on the life of Don Bosco.

I take this opportunity to once again wish one and all a Very Happy Feast of St. John Bosco. May he inspire us to be innovative and creative as he was, ahead of his times for the young.

'Love what the young love, and they will love what you love.' DB


The Secondary Section of the school had their Republic Day celebrations at 8.00 am with the hoisting of the flag and a short program that gave all an insight into the spirit of freedom and liberty. Fr. Crispino D'Souza-the Principal, Fr. Edwin Colaco-the Administrator, Fr. Barnabe D'Souza the Director of Don Bosco Balprafulta were present together with the School staff.

A few speeches were made and some patriotic songs and dances were put up by the students.

One felt proud to be an Indian.

God bless India!

DB NITE 2012

On Saturday the 28 January, Bro. Royston conducted the Don Bosco Nite for the boarders. It was a mixture of puzzles, games, questions on the life of Don Bosco and even drawing.

Bro. Royston did well and got all the boarders involved and enthusiastic about the Nite and saw to the participation of everyone in their various teams.

At the end of the night the winners were The Rua's and the runner's up were the Zatti's teams.

Congratulations to the two teams and to Bro. Royston for conducting a beautiful evening with Don Bosco.


This morning the Primary Section of the School had their Republic Day Celebrations at 09.00 AM. The whole program was well conducted and the little lads did exceptionally well in rendering their speeches in three different languages, English, Hindi and Marathi. Most of the youngsters dressed in traditional clothes and looked handsome.

The primary choir sang a couple of traditional songs that put the spirit of unity in all.

Fr. Rector spoke of the tri-coloured National flag that represents the diversity we find in all peoples and said that just as we respect the flag we need to respect and care for one another and help peace and harmony be achieved by respecting one another. 

May we live united in our diverse forms of language, religion, culture, etc.


24 JANUARY 2012


The feast of St. Francis de Sales comes during the novena of St. John Bosco and rightly so, as Don Bosco took the name of his congregation from that of this great saint. He called his followers, ‘Salesians’ after St. Francis de Sales.

Francis was known for his gentleness and kindness in handling situations and people and he won over many by his kindness. His oft quoted words are, ‘You can catch more flies with a teaspoon of honey than with a barrel of vinegar.’

Don Bosco made him the patron saint of the Salesians as he felt that those of us who are working with young people need the gentleness and kindness of St. Francis de Sales. It important to be tender and loving to youngsters especially those marginalized and in distress.

During the novena mass we also had the First Holy Communion of Master Daniel Antonia, a boarder. He was looking indeed dashing in his white suit and all smiles to receive Jesus for the first time in his life.

Congratulations Daniel, and may you imitate St. Dominic Savio who made Jesus his best friend.