On Friday the 19th August 2011, Parsi New Year, the boarders together with Fr. Rector, Fr. Crispino and Bro. Roshan went for a picnic to Bosco Wadi, Uttan. It was a bright day and the boys had great fun in the pool as well as in the sea.

It was a wonderful time to relax, enjoy and be oneself - 'Expression' that Don Bosco always wanted from his boys. They had so much fun and laughter and food that they were sad that it came to an end so fast.

Thank you friends and benefactors for making this possible.

God bless you!


Master Shantanu Naik of IX B participated in the Marathi Elocution Competition and won the Second Prize in the competition in the Senior category. We congratulate Master Shantanu Naik for his success and for making Dominic Savio proud.


The Primary School had their English Poetry Elocution Competition this morning. The group were divided in two: The I & II standards and the III & IV standards. The judges for the I & II standards were Mrs. Dorothy Dias & Mrs. Aniaka Katrak while the judges for the III & IV standards were Mrs. Fatima Barretto and Mr. Lasil Bias. 

We congratulate all who participated in the Competition and look forward to the announcement of the winners.

Congratulations teachers for training the students to be able to deliver.

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The students getting ready for the pilgrimage

The students of St. Dominic Savio Andheri were waiting for this moment, to get a chance to visit and be with Don Bosco. The students assembled early in the morning and were ready to have an early start to meet this great saint of the young. The students of the eighth to the tenth of the school and the boarders went for this pilgrimage.
The Principal giving the final instructions

It was a dream come true, having Don Bosco in our midst, and the young with Don Bosco. This is what happened this morning at Don Bosco Matunga. All the youngsters from Don Bosco Institutions and the Salesian Sister Institutions were invited to be with Don Bosco and pay respect to his relic. Every Don Bosco Institution was represented from Andheri to Wadala to Nerul and even the ITI & HMTC of DB Kurla came in large numbers.
At the Eucharistic celebration

Fr. Rector reading out the gospel

Our students attending the service

As the schools flowed in, they first went into the church to see the relic of Don Bosco and pay respect to him and then they went around looking at the Salesian Exhibition around the area.

The school quadrangle was filled to capacity with school children. When it was time for the Eucharistic celebration, there was a procession with the casket of Don Bosco, the little angles and the concelebrants and the celebrant, There were about thirty priests present to bid adieu to Don Bosco who touched the lives of so many faithful and youngsters even today. It was indeed a fitting farewell to a great Friend of the Youth.
Dressed in Indian attire

Fr. Michael Fernandes the provincial touched on some of the defects of Don Bosco and said that he did have some things that were not right and Don Bosco had to work hard to correct himself. He was willing to go through any amount of change for the sake of his mission and for the love of his boys.
Fr. Provincial delivering the homily

The Mumbai Police band had a number of pieces to keep the mood and they even played a couple of hymns of Don Bosco. We thank them for being there with us to honour Don Bosco.
A photograph of all the celebrants & sisters

Fr. Michael Fernandes handed the relic of Don Bosco to Fr. Joaquim Fernandes who is from the Konkan Province and would be accompanying the relic to the Province of the Konkan from Mumbai. It was a sad farewell to Don Bosco by the multitudes that were present each one trying to get a last glimpse of this wonderful friendly saint.
Bidding adieu to Don Bosco

It was worth the time and the energy, going all the way to Don Bosco Matunga to say hello to Don Bosco and to ask for his blessings on each one of us and for all our loved ones.

May Saint John Bosco always bless us and all our benefactors and youngsters in our care.


It was indeed a beautiful day to begin with, bright sunshine to bring out the beauty of the day and a lovely program presented by the students giving us a glimpse of ‘India Shining through its struggles and problems.’

The speech in Hindi by Parthe Surve our School Captain was indeed excellent and beautifully rendered without a flaw. The cultural dance by our youngsters was inspiring and very colourful making us realize that we are so richly endowed with culture.

A clipping of Master Partha Surve speech for Independence Day
Master Partha Surve is the School Captain

Fr. Rector spoke about the Pledge that is recited every morning, ‘India is my Country’ and asked that it not just be a routine and habit without knowing and understanding its meaning and significance.

He spoke of the variety of people, languages, cultures that we are and yet at the same time each unique in one’s own way. He gave us the example of threads of different colours and mentioned that each of us is like a strand of thread, we have our individuality. He then showed a carpet and asked the students if they like what they saw and all said yes, it was very beautiful. He then drew out a lesson from the carpet and said that the carpet was made up of different colours of thread woven together, and in doing so we have this beautiful work of tapestry. As Indians we have a rich variety and beauty and we need to look at the bigger picture to enjoy the tapestry. Our beauty comes out in our ‘Unity in Diversity.’
Fr. Crispino D'Souza the Principal giving away the Certificate of 
merit to Master Luv Shinde who secured 96% in the SSLC Examinations

The parents of our ex-student Master Luv Shinde our SSLC topper with 96% in the last examinations were the Guest of Honour and a certificate of Honour was presented to Master Luv Sinde and a certificate of Merit to all those who secured 80% and above. The merit holders had come with their parents/guardians to be felicitated. Mrs. Shinde and Master Luv gave a short but apt speech telling the present bath that what matters to achieve success is effort, determination and consistency.

May this 64 Independence Day that we celebrate be an inspiration to us to be able to love our country and motherland and work harder to eradicate corruption, hatred, division and other evils that exist in our society and country.

After the school program, there was tea for all the guests after which the teachers were invited to see a movie entitled, ‘Front of the Class’ a movie to understand students and their difficulties. The teachers enjoyed the said that it touched them.
Jai Hind!


The Salesian Family had an hour with Don Bosco on Sunday, 14th August 2011 in the Shrine of Don Bosco's Madonna, Matunga, Mumbai from 3.00 pm to 4.00. pm. Fr. Wilfred D'Souza the Delegate for the Salesian Family was present and began with a prayer service after which there was time for the various groups of the Salesian Family to express 'What Don Bosco meant to each one.' A number of individuals from the Salesian Family and from our Andheri Unit of Cooperators and Past Pupils came forward to express their love, gratitude and commitment to Don Bosco. Many of them had very touching stories to narrate.
They were all thrilled to have this special time with Don Bosco and in his midst. Don Bosco surely reached out to each and every one who was present t bless and extend his loving care to one and all present as he did when he was alive and surrounded by his boys.
The Cooperators renewing their promise to Don Bosco

The Past Pupils renewing their promise to Don Bosco

The ADMA renewing their promise
The SMI sisters renewing their promise

It was truly a moment of reunion with our Father and Teacher of the young, a promise that Don Bosco kept, to come and be with us and in our midst.

This has truly been a privilege for us members of the Salesian Family and a memorable event in our lives and in the history of the Salesian Family here in Mumbai. Some members of our unit of the Salesian Family giving their testimony about how Don Bosco touched the lives of them and their families.

After the short but sweet program in the church we had mass at 4.30 pm for the Salesian Family.

Thank you Don Bosco! Long Live Don Bosco!