The Catholic boys of the school together with the Religion teachers assembled in the school hall for the Ash Wednesday Eucharistic celebration. The season of Lent, which the churches keep, begins on Ash Wednesday and continues for forty days.

The number forty is a Biblical number. It reminds one of Noah and the ark, when God let it rain for forty days and forty nights; the forty years that the people of Israel wandered through the wilderness; the forty days and nights that Jesus spent in the desert before he began his public ministry. 

The church gives us these forty days to prepare ourselves through almsgiving, prayer and fasting. 

It is a time of personal conversion, building a personal relationship with God, neighbour and self.

At the end of the mass the ashes were put on the foreheads of all those who were present.

Let us spend this time well to renew and rebuild our lives; remember God allows U-Turns.

God bless!

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