On Wednesday, 15th February 2012, the school organized a farewell for the X standard students. It was taken up by the IX standards.

There were a few prayers said on behalf of and for the out-going students and for all the lovely moments spent in Dominic Savio's all these years. 

A couple of meaningful songs were sung by some of the boys of the IX.

Fr. Crispino the Principal spoke to the X standard students giving them a few cues to life and living.

Master Partha Surve spoke on behalf of the X standard students and delivered a beautiful speech mingled with quite some humour and wit.

Fr. Godfrey the Rector helped the X standard run through the years of studying in DS and all that they learned. He asked them to carry with them the principles of right living as they have been taught in the school. 'Your parents,' he said, 'sent you to Dominic Savio's to make men out of boys.' 

Christopher & Sherwin entertained the crowd with a couple of their hit numbers dressed up as clowns to lighten up the spirits.

A beautiful short clip on the students and a message from most of the teachers was prepared by Master Shantanu Naik of the IX standard.

At the end, a bookmark was distributed to each of the out-going X standard students and a small plate of snacks.

Fare thee well my friends! and Good bye!

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