It was indeed a surprise outing and invitation for the youngsters of Dominic Savio’s by Mr. Anthony Gomes, the owner & proprietor of ‘Backyard Lawns’ at St. Peter’s Church, Bandra.

Mr. Gomes, a good benefactor of the Institution, wanted to celebrate the two events: the Silver Jubilee of Profession of Fr. Edwin and the Birthday of Bro. Roshan and especially to give the youngsters a good time. 

The boys were excited and that could be seen on their faces as it glowed!

The setting was indeed exotic, with trees and lights and sound to give it an atmosphere of celebration and joy. We were all delighted to be part of this surprise. As soon as we entered, we were greeted by Mr. Aniceto Gomes, another good benefactor of the Institution, Mr. Anthony Gomes and his dad Mr. Gomes.

The boys were then treated to starters that consisted of pani-puri; mini dosas, chicken tikka, veg cutlets, chicken kababs and some cool drinks to quench their thirst.

After a couple of rounds of starters, we had a short but sweet program. A couple of songs were sung by the DS Boys in Harmony with Mr. Haydn Dias their choir master playing the guitar. The DS Boys sang, ‘Guardian Angel, Your Raised me Up and Words’. The senior boys had a dance ready while the juniors danced to desi boys. 

An address expressing our thanks and gratitude to Mr. Anthony Gomes and his family was read out by Master Leon D'Souza.

With us were also a group of Senior citizens of the parish who were very entertained by the performance of our boys.

Fr. Edwin Colaco, Bro. Roshan Gonsalves, Mr. Haydn Dias and Fr. Godfrey joined in the dancing with the boys as the boys wanted us to be part of the dance. It was fun and they enjoyed having us around them doing the jig with them.

At five minutes to ten, we had the singing of Congratulations and then the Birthday song for Fr. Edwin & Bro. Roshan and the cutting of the cake and tasting it too. Fr. Edwin led the group in prayer, once again thanking the benefactors, Mr. Anthony Gomes, his dad and family and Mr. Aniceto Gomes for playing hosts and having us over with all out boys.

The dinner was indeed a banquet with a vast spread: biryani, chicken curry, fish fry, and pork; there was also a non-veg counter for the veggies and a large salad spread. The boys did have a wonderful time and ate to their heart’s content. The crowning point was the dessert with the chocolate fountain which the boys relished.

Some of the seniors who had gathered together began singing oldies and mandos and a number of our boys joined in the singing. Some of them were prominent members of St. Peter's Parish. Mr. Clarence Gomes, the Editor of Bandra Times was also one of those prominent citizens of the parish together with a few others.

It was time to say our good-byes and so we gathered together for a group photograph thanking God for this wonderful evening that the youngsters enjoyed and would remember for a long time.

Thank you Mr. Anthony Gomes and Mr. Aniceto Gomes for making this possible and making the evening so beautiful for our youngsters.

God bless you!

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