The school staff went for their annual picnic to Boscowadi, Uttan on Friday, the 17th February 2012. It was a long and winding way going down to the beach and were welcomed with music and coconut water to refresh our picnic spirits!

Boscowadi managed and maintained by the Salesian community of Bosco Boys’ Home, Borivali, is well laid out with lush green surroundings, coconut plantations, a beautiful swimming pool, a hall and of course also the beach.

The teachers after having toured the place, were offered a beautiful burgee pav breakfast with chutni sandwiches.

After breakfast some went for a stroll to the beach while others began a game of throw ball, the ladies versus the gents. Of course the gents won in spite of the ladies trying their best to confuse the referee with the scoring.

At 12.30 pm we went in for karaoke singing with Pamela leading the singing and all taking turns. It was wonderful getting back to the oldies and some of the staff took to the floor to dance and jig their way around.

In the meantime starters went around and indeed ‘all was good’. The lunch too was excellent.

Some, a very few in fact, ventured to swim in the sea and some in the swimming pool to cool the spirit in the already chilly waters.

The games, dog-n-d-bone; dumb charade etc were organized by Miss Valerie and it was fun watching all participate and enjoy themselves.

All good things come to an end and so did the day of fun-n-frolic. The evening ended with kanda bhajee and a cup of chai and a trek up the slope to catch the bus.

We look forward to our next picnic next year!

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