This morning, Wednesday 7th September 2011, was the day of the Yellow House, who has as its Patron Blessed Phillip Rinaldi, the third successor of St. John Bosco. The theme of the assembly was 'Serenity in Prayer' and a number of incidents in the life of Don Bosco were enacted to show how Don Bosco had a great trust in Divine Providence even in very dire moments. He always asked his boys to pray and he was confident that God would answer his prayers and God did.

He inculcated in his boys to build on a relationship with God as God was not there to spoil their plans but to help them fulfill and give them life to the fullest.

Fr. Rector, in his talk told the boys that Don Bosco based his Educational Methodology on three pillars: Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness. Religion was not to be the following of rituals but building a RELATIONSHIP with God as we have with friends and loved ones. As human beings we need relationships and we build and grow in relationships. We need to have a strong and good relationship with God too, and when we have that we have, like Don Bosco, nothing to fear as God will be with us at all times.

After the Rectors speech some of the prizes for the week were distributed to the students who won them.

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