The VIII A students had their School Assembly on Wednesday, 21 September 2001 and the theme was Discover your talents. The youngsters through skit and song told the students in no uncertain terms that Education is important and one must strive to be educated.

However, each of us has been endowed with a special talent and we need to work on this God given talent and see that we enhance our talents. Each of us is differently talented and we need to cultivate and work to improve on our talents. Some are musicians, others, are sports men and women, some are artists etc.

We thank God for these talents that he has given us and we strive to make this world a better place. The dance and songs that the students put up did indeed show the talents of the youngsters and it was wonderful to see them perform. At the end of the program Fr. Rector gave away some prizes to the students who had won prizes.

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