SPECIAL EDUCATION by Blossom Bhandarkar

Mrs. Blossom Bhandarkar, the elder sister of Fr. Crispino D’Souza, took a very interesting session for our teachers from the first to the seventh standards on how to take care of that 20% of children who do not and cannot reach that level of grasping, understanding and comprehending simple lessons in class. Miss. Maria Xavier, the Primary Supervisor introduced Mrs. Blossom at the beginning of the session.
A Special Educator herself, she gave us an insight into how we need to look at children and treat them equally, giving special attention to the weaker ones who find it hard to understand anything. 
She took us through helping kids understand what concepts are, having a pre-test and then a post test to check out their levels of understanding and how much they managed to understand after the post test.
Some practical hands on exercises were done to see how far we could go to simplify lessons to make it easier for students to learn.

She also gave us a couple of web sites for easy references to help us in preparing worksheets for the students.

Miss Valerie gave the vote of thanks at the end of the session.

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