The IV standard of the Primary Section had its Cultural Day this afternoon at 3.00 P.M. in the School A.V. Hall. The theme for the day was ‘Let’s Celebrate the Don Bosco Way’. The students put up a number of items that were well prepared and done with grace and style.
They welcomed the parents with a Welcome song and got them into the mood for the afternoon. After the initial introductions the Principal, Fr. Crispino D’Souza was invited to the stage to say a few words and he welcomed the parents of the boys and thanked them for their collaboration in helping give this holistic education to the young.

The dance that was put up by the boys was well choreographed by some parents who together with others spent time to teach and get the boys ready. Thank you my dear parents and volunteers.
The skit that was enacted in a Five Act Play depicted a young lad who kept saying that he was hungry, hungry, hungry. He was misunderstood all the time and people looked at him differently. None reached out to feed and satisfy his hunger but gave many an explanation to the word ‘Hunger.’ The last Act had Don Bosco come in and he understood the lad and gave him something to eat and in this way Don Bosco reached out to numerous youngsters of his time and still do so through his Salesians all over the world.
Fr. Rector touched on the lines that were said during the program, lines that Don Bosco said to his boys, ‘For you I study, for you I work, for you I give him life.’ Fr. Rector told the parents that those words were not just words of Don Bosco but that it was very much the words of each parent present for their own child. Which parent would not give his or her life for her son or daughter?
Fr. Rector then spoke of the hunger that was repeated by the lad in the skit. He drew a lesson from that and said that children have many types of hunger. What do we do when our child says I am hungry? Do I as a parent send him out for some junk food? Are we stuffing our children with not just junk food but a lot of unnecessary stuff?
He concluded and said that the most important hunger that needs to be constantly taken care of is the child’s hunger for LOVE. He encouraged the parents to love their children and give not just commodities and the like but more time and energy so that children bond in a greater way with parents and will one day appreciate all the time spent together as they grow into mature human beings.

The boys ended with the song ‘Let’s Celebrate Don Bosco.’
Mrs. Valerie Mascarenhas came forward at the end of the program on behalf of the parents to say a word of thanks to all the organizers and volunteers, teachers and the management for encouraging these Cultural days that help and benefit the youngsters.

The grand finale was the kids coming on stage together in their various costumes with their smiling faces.

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