The First Standard had their Cultural Day this afternoon, Saturday the 6th October 2012, and had as their theme Equality for All. 

They had a Welcome song for all the parents and then a prayer to ask the Almighty for His Grace and Blessing.

Fr. Principal set the tone by informing the parents that it is always refreshing to see the little ones perform so beautifully and do so well.

Then came the skit that had the Time Family with Seconds as the little one and then in ascending order, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months and Years and of course Mum and Dad.

This little play brought out the concept of how each and every one is important and though sometimes Year seemed so arrogant because it thought that it was more important than the rest it soon learnt that every second counts for all of them and every one had a part to play that is important.

Fr. Rector in his talk informed the parents that every second is important and that time flies and what perhaps is the most important is the fact that children need a lot of time and it is important that as parents you spend as much time as possible with them as this is what they will cherish all their lives.

The two little comperes did a great job and the finale was indeed grand with the whole cast on stage.

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