On the 3rd October Wednesday, the Primary Section of the School had their Blue House Day and the theme for the program was centered around Mahatma Gandhi. They brought out incidents in the life of Mahatma that changed his life and made him to be a better person.

The skit brought out the aspect of caring for the poor and the neglected and see in what way we can reach out to the less privileged.

Fr. Rector in his talk said that Education is not just the study of books but an all round formation and insisted that as students one of the points that we need to look at is helping our place and environment to be clean. He encouraged the students to make sure that the classrooms and corridors are not littered with paper and rubbish. Rather he insisted that we learn to use the bins to drop all waste.

As the exams were round the corner he said let us imitate the story from the life of the Mahatma and refrain from unfair means to do well in our examinations.

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