On the third day of the Novena, 29 June, the feasts of the two great apostles we had Fr. Roy Noronha who was the celebrant and spoke of St. Dominic Savio's devotion to our Lady.

On the fourth day Fr. Jeffrey Fernandes spoke on 'A Rose that blooms' and spoke of how Dominic Savio bloomed where he was planted, listening to Don Bosco and following his instructions. He was taken up with Don Bosco's Good-night telling the boys that all were destined to be saints. He took up the challenge and did all in his life to be a saint.

Today, Fr. Anthony Santarita the Rector of our Technical Institute at Borivali was the main celebrant and spoke on 'Concern for neighbour' Who is my neighbour? he asked the boys? One who is in need, one who needs to be reached out to, one who is lonely and is sad. Dominic Savio he said reached out to his friends who needed his help. We have to do the same each day and reach out to all who need us in one way or another.

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