The Past Pupils of St. Dominic Savio High School had their 7th Annual Alumni Day on the 11th December 2011. It was a gathering of past pupils from all walks of life who came together in fellowship with family members. Mrs. Iyer was the Chief Guest of the evening and was welcomed by Mr. Ketan Gala.

There was a well prepared power-point show of the activities and programs conducted in the last year.

Fr. Edwin Colaco the Delegate of the Past Pupils welcomed the Past Pupils and their families to this Alumni Day and wished them all the best.

Fr. Rector was called on to say a few words, and he encouraged the past pupils for all that they have been doing in the past and the plans they have for the future especially to take care of the marginalized youngsters who need assistance and an education.

The evening was long and all had a very enjoyable time meeting up with long lost friends and classmates.

It was a day to remember!

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