On the 16th December evening, the boarders had their Christmas Party organized by Bro. Roshan and the Salesian Cooperators. The Party began around 7.30 with a welcome to the Salesians and the Cooperators and all the boys.

Fr. Rector was asked to say a prayer and bring in the celebrations. He welcomed the Cooperators and the boarders to the Christmas program. After the brief talk by Fr. Rector the DS Boys in Harmony sand a number of Christmas Carols to bring in the Christmas Spirit. Bro. Roshan & teacher Pamela organized a beautiful program filled with fun games and singing and on the spot fancy dress competition.

The boys participated well and were into each and every game with enthusiasm and zeal.

The Cooperators were all there to server, support and assist in the Christmas Party. They also gave a sizeable contribution for the Christmas gifts for the boarders. Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred & Crispina Rebello were invited up as they celebrated twenty-five years as Cooperators and were thanked specially for their dedication and commitment.

A sumptuous meal was prepared by Fr. Edwin and his team. The boys did have a wonderful time and ate to their hearts content.

At the end of the program prizes were distributed to all the winners and the crowning of the event was Santa with ‘Here comes Santa Claus’ and the giving of gifts to the boys. They were all delighted to have a packet for Christmas filled with goodies and other stuff.

Thanks once again to Fr. Rector, Fr. Crispino, Fr. Edwin, Bro. Roshan, Sir Haydn and to the Cooperators for organizing this beautiful event for the boarders.

Wishing one and all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2012!

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