At 7.00 pm on Thursday, the 15 December 2011, Fr. Edwin Colaco organized the Christmas Party for the Evening Study Children in the school hall. There were about 150 children that came for the party. Bro. Roshan together with some of the boarders were the main organizers for the fun games, such as, bombing the cities; live electric wires and the like.

Fr. Rector said a few words to the kids and told them that this was a time of Joy and Happiness and that we needed to spread happiness around. Fr. Barnabe also said a couple of words in Hindi inviting them to reach out to one another through goodness and kindness. After some more games for the seniors we had a special artist who came to entertain the children.

Mr. Raj the mimicry artist made it a point to come and entertain the children with his mimicry and jokes and impersonation of actors.

After the program the children went to their respective classrooms and were greeted by Santa who went around from class to class wishing all the students a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Fr. Edwin had prepared some wonderful gifts for all the kids to take home. The kids enjoyed themselves and had an excellent time.

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