This morning we, at St. Dominic Savio High School celebrated the feast of our patron with a solemn Eucharistic celebration for the catholic students and a prayer service for the children of other faiths. Fr. Julius Rasquinha who was once a boarding master at the Boys Home was invited to be the main celebrant.

Fr. Julius touched on the qualities of St. Dominic Savio and also placed before the group the teenage saint of the day, St. Maria Goretti who was just eleven years when she was stabbed fourteen times by Alexandro a friendly neighbour who tried to seduce her. Before dying she said that she forgave Alexandro for what he had done and prayed that God also forgives him.

Fr. Julius placed before the youngsters a fairy tale of a tea cup and how the tea cup told its story of being molded and shaped much against its wishes and desires but realized in the end that it was for its own good and beauty and was appreciative for having yielded to the gentle touch of the potter.

Fr. Julius giving the homily

The offertory procession

The youngsters came up with flowers, a rosary, keys and bread and wine for the Eucharist. A short little prayer was read out for each gift that was presented to the main celebrant.
A solemn moment at the elevation
Distribution of the Holy Eucharist

Before the end of the Eucharist Fr. Godfrey once again thanked Fr. Julius for having accepted the invitation to be the main celebrant for the festive occasion. He also thanked the staff members who helped in decorating the altar and the backdrop for the feast and wished the staff and the students a very happy feast day on behalf of all the Salesians.

Later the staff both teaching and non-teaching staff went to the Salesian refectory for lunch. It was a homely gathering and Fr. Crispino began with a game of housie. After that lunch was served.

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