On Saturday the 10th July 2010, the Secondary PTA elected members had their first meeting of the year in the school AV Hall at 8.15 am. Fr. Crispino the Principal welcomed the members and then called upon Fr. Godfrey D'Souza the Rector to begin the meeting with a prayer and then say a few words. Fr. Godfrey congratulated those elected to this office and thanked them for their service to the institution.
The representatives of the PTA Secondary Section (ladies)
Representatives of the PTA representatives (gents)

Fr. Godfrey informed the PTA that much had already been done in the school and this was possible because there was a unity among the PTA members and all worked together to give the best to the children who were coming to St. Dominic Savio's. He also mentioned to them that Don Bosco always wanted his houses and institutions to have a family atmosphere.

Fr. Crispino then told the PTA members about the offices that needed to be held and which offices would be taken by staff members. He gave some direction in the election of the main posts of President, Joint Secretary and Treasurer.
Fr. Crispino D'Souza instructing on the mode of elections

We proceeded to the elections and one name was called out. Dr. Ayesha Sequeira after a while agreed to stand for President. In the meantime Mr. Joseph Dias also said that he was ready to stand for elections. Fr. Crispino then asked the two candidates to say something about themselves before the election began.

The staff and the parents went about with a show of hands. First in order was Dr. Ayesha Sequeira with 19 votes. Mr. Joseph Dias got 15 votes and so Dr. Ayesha was elected as the president and she agreed.
During the counting of votes for the President
Counting of votes for Joint Secretary

For the post of the Secretary, Mr. Vincent Gonsalves said that he would like to stand for the post and so it was between Mr. Joseph Dias and Mr.. Vincent Gonsalves. Mr. Joseph Dias got the majority and was made the joint Secretary.

For the Treasurer, the members were asked if anyone wanted to be the Treasurer and Mr. Anand M. Fatehpuria agreed. Since there was no one else who volunteered for the post it was given to him unopposed.

Before all dispersed a photograph was taken of the newly elected office bearers.
(L to R) Fr. Rector; Mr. Joseph Dias, Secretary; Dr. Ayesha Sequeira, President;
Mr. Anand Fatehpuria, Treasurer; Fr. Crispino D'Souza & Fr. Edwin Colaco

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